Challenge event challenge ratings


is there a list of the challenge ratings for the different tiers in the current challenge?
i don’t expect to place very high in the ratings but i’m wondering if its worth doing it for the completion items.


what’s your team look like? intermediate is completable with a bunch of strong 4 star tier 3 60s. i did that the first time round. advanced is completeable with strong tier 4 4 stars as well.


currently have
boldtusk 3/60
skittleskull 3/60
rigard 3/60
boril 3/32
hu tao 3/50

i have a sonya but she’s only 2/30ish right now (still grinding her levels)


Give it a try, Ruse! (And bring items, of course.). If you don’t make it this time, you’ll know what you need for next. :wink:


Use mana and green potions for the bosses.