Challenge event ascension rewards - lack of color balance

Getting excited for Wonderland, and wondering what the ascension material rewards will be for just the regular stage completion. Pirates was great, got both a compass and fine gloves. So I decided to map them all out, then noticed a perplexing result.

I took this info from screenshots in the Memento 4 Events thread. I’m assuming they are still correct. Corrections are appreciated.

Event: Epic / Legendary rewards

Fables of Grimforest: compass, sturdy shield / trap tools, warm cape, orb of magic
Guardians of Teltoc: compass, orb of magic / hidden blade, warm cape, orb of magic
Avalon: compass, trap tools / sturdy shield, hidden blade, orb of magic
Pirates of Corellia: compass, trap tools / fine gloves, hidden blade, orb of magic

4 compasses to 1 gloves
5 orbs, 3 trap tools, 3 blades, 2 shields, 2 capes

Complete lack of balance, which can’t even be fixed with one new event. Were they just not paying any attention? I thought that maybe they matched to the final boss colors, but they don’t seem to follow that pattern either. At least Farholme alternates with every other event. No wonder people complain when guaranteed rewards aren’t even balanced well.


Compass to glove ratio definitely need to be fixed.


The odd commonality of Compasses over Gloves has always driven me (and my imbalanced inventory) kinda nuts.

I certainly would love to see Gloves in the completion rewards for both Epic and Legendary on this one to help balance it out.


Thanks for mapping this out. It definitely explains my cape shortage and abundance of orbs. Hopefully the devs see this post. Or maybe it should be moved to the ideas and features section … :thinking:

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For a recent thread I totaled up all heroes of each color and came up with the following totals. It’s of particular interest because 1* and 2* heroes are more-or-less uniform across the board, and there are far more 4* and 5* heroes than 1, 2, and 3. This means that these differences are primarily driven by 4* and 5* heroes.

So… I’m going to add a column to the chart that’s relevant to this thread here…

(Links are to the wiki.)

Element # of Heroes # of Mats from Events
Holy Heroes 29 5
Dark Heroes 38 3
Nature Heroes 37 3
Fire Heroes 35 2
Ice Heroes 30 2

Looks like there’s a decent excess of holy materials, along with a shortage of Fire and Ice. Does this match your experience?


It’s probably worth noting in this conversation that it sounds like at least some loot changes for Challenge Events are planned anyway because of Class Emblems — so perhaps rebalancing ascension mats might be on developers’ minds too.


Compass to glove ratio and Tome to Damascus ratio are two factors…In a way their imbalance keeps players on the quests for them and keep the game rolling.

It certainly doesn’t explain it for me… I have 75 capes and 49 orbs, granted that I’ve been playing for almost 2 years.

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@CheTranqui thank you for creating the chart, and as for myself, it is pretty spot on! Now I know why I have been able to ascend multiple holy heros but struggle to ascend ice ones! I would also love to see more of a balance in ascension materials, not only from events, but from chests and such as well. Maybe a percentage system where if you already have an overage of a certain ascension item, you are X% less likely to get that ascension and X% more likely to get another?

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I should add that I have only been playing 3 & 3.5 months (2 accounts). Anyone with a lengthy play and loot history is going to have more varying results.

I have already seen the Compass to Gloves disparity. Especially when you consider that starting out, you aren’t going to be able to complete the Legendary challenge stage, creating a further imbalance because you will always get a compass, but never gloves from a challenge event.

Not well thought out at all. Or maybe it was, as a conspiracy person might claim. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I might take a look at the Seasonal Events as well if I can find screen shots and see if the same problem exists there. With the Christmas event, there was no way I was going to reach the 4k award (the rings I need) with a 3200 team.

Compass to glove ratio and Tome to Damascus ratio are two factors

Where do you see an imbalance of Tome to Damascus? Some of the seasonal events perhaps? Because Farholme alternates and is balanced. I am only looking at the guaranteed rewards for stage completion. RNG loot imbalance wasn’t meant to be part of this topic. That horse is beat to death repeatedly in other threads.

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I’d love to here reasoning behind the fact compasses and gloves which are needed for all 4* and 5* are unfarmable in the first place from staff/designer.

I’ve tried looking at it from all angles, but I just don’t understand why these items are restricted in such a way.

They already have progression surpressers with the elemental 3* mats and 4* mats. To throw in another item seems overkill

I currently have 15 compasses 0 gloves, 14 4* at 3/60, since I started playing I’ve actually received more scopes than I have gloves

I foolishly set myself a year long goal of having 25 x 4maxed and 5 x 5 maxed and my city completed.

I believed the biggest issue would be actually having that many hero’s as I’m c2p, but the single stumbling block is gloves

I’d like to see gloves and compasses removed from loot drops completely and instead reward, 1 of each for rare /epic and legendary tier completion in events. So 3 of each from each event and 1 of each from rare quests as usual

This would mean 7 compasses and 7 gloves every 2 months from play alone. From the start it would fit well with how you progress, you first start to target rare tier event, after 2months you would of collected approximately 3 gloves + compasses
At that stage your start lvling your first 4* rainbow team, thereby targeting epic completion. Your now receiving 5 every 2 months. After 4 months of play your have 8 sets, use 5 for max 4* rainbow team
Your now able to target legendary tier in events, collect up to 7 of each. The usual items will still stop instant lvling
It feels like a more natural game progression, by the time your targeting legendary, your be completing season 1

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i would really like to have a 5* hero 4T ascension item as a completion reward for one of the tiers. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

This is something that has bothered me for a while as well, so I’m glad the OP took the time to express the problem. Plain and simple - if you plan s in the same tier across all 5 events you should receive an equal number of every item. This ought to be easy for the color specific mats even if you can’t perfectly balance compasses and gloves. Currently the rewards aren’t even close to even, so I’d love to see them rebalanced.


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I still think that people that have ascension items shortage (whatever item) have rushed their summons on the portal.

I NEVER EVER had ascension material issues that may block my path in over 20 months of playing.

Simply put: if you want to pay for summons hard you have to consider on buying ascension material offers equally hard.
If you have more hero then ascension materials… you simply summon too much.


Another interesting conversation that has mysteriously gone off the rails. If only there were a common component when this happens in so many of these threads. This is getting old and convincing me to stop reading stuff here.

Rails cleaned up. :wink:


Nice, thanks. I think most of us just want to read through and play nice and are put off by such things.

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Because i always train matched-color, I’ve trained very similar numbers of heroes in each color (some variance because of 4*/5*). I’m way ahead on orbs relative to capes/tools/shields/h-blades, though: 53 vs 31-38.


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