Challenge coins HAVE to be used?

I had 19 coins on my alt account and wanted to save them for Fables. But I wanted to do a couple single draws for the red 3 star in Avalon. I was not able to use gems, it automatically took 10 coins. Why? Not even a gem option?

It’s the same with Atlantis coins and I think Epic hero tokens as well. Gems have higher value and thus the coins are used before them. I’m ok with this gem saving aspect :slight_smile:


I understand Atlantis coins because they can only be used for Atlantis. But there are 5 different challenge events these coins can be used on. I’d rather save the coins and supplement with gems instead of having to “earmark” gems for another month.

It’s the same with epic hero tokens. They can be used at the seasonal events, but they are prioritized over gems in epic pulls.


Atlantis coins and hero tokens didn’t even occur to me they work the same, because there’s really no other choices for them to be used on. Thank you for shedding light on that.

I understand that it’s interesting to save those coins up for a better event. But then you have to be strict and simply do zero pulls :smirk:
Possibly someone in SG decided that they don’t want the players to hoard the coins forever and rather have them spend continously. Seems like a business decision for me

Seems like a strange business decision, because gems could be bought, tokens not…on the other hand it doesn’t matter for the events, if you use a token/coins or gems. For me it matters more on EHTs because of the seasonal events and the epic summon and those are different things…

To me it makes sense to use gems over coins since it leads to better UI experience. It’d be confusing experience if you had not enough gems but enough coins, and during summons game would take you to gem store. Even if it gave choice, it adds extra layers of indirection which gets annoying quickly for people who’d use coins over gems.

I understand having a choice between two is nicer, but I don’t understand how that is valuable or useful. Why is using coins now and gems for teltoc not acceptable? It’d cost same either way and don’t see any difference other than choice