Challenge an alliance to war

So we’d have to skip a win/loss towards war chest and skip out on war loot?

I guess that could work. My heros are too far behind for me to take part in it but i’m sure others would enjoy

I never said this would be instead of regular raid / war. Just a fun game mode. You would still be able to do raids and war as usual.

This is ONLY a fun game mode for people to be able to challenge friends just for the fun of it :slight_smile: At least that’s my take on it. For the honor of beating your friends, and the possibility to practice and get better without losing cups. I know many players who doesn’t even raid cause they lose more cups than they gain.

If they can practice with friends, I think it would be helpful and mean a lot to them as well. And for me, who is often in the top 100 global, I would just love to attack my friends a few times and test crazy stuff with them :slight_smile:

Yes, please. Also some war histroy or something. :blush:

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Actually u did in a way say it would replace regular war… you said if challenge is accepted the two alliances would be put together (like in the next war instead of being matched). If it wasnt accepted than war matching would continue as usual. So if it was accepted it would replace regular war… now if it was an extra added feature that the two alliances would face eachother on off regular war days that would be great. I love war and if i had a war going on more often id be thrilled. I could handle a regular war twice a week with loot and a challenge accepted war in between.

Each alliance should have say 3 warflags to spend for additional wars, if the other alliance will agree towards the challenge request. Would be enough to add one flag a week. The winner maybe could also earn such a flag. War itself should be similar to ‘normal’ aw, except the challenged alliance may have the option to choose the war boost. That would add a few wars and could be fun. There may also could be a revenge option to make it really nice.

All alliances which have the same (+/- 10) amount of player levels could be in range to send a challenge request.

I like this, this sums up everything quite well. Imagine adding a duel mode to this? Like you challenge an opponent to a duel during the war. So no one can attack you or him/her until the duel is resolved. Let the leaders battle it out man vs man using special rules, like 3v3 or something :slight_smile:

Sorry, must have been tired when I replied to that. Yes you are right, I did write that :slight_smile: but having a challenge war as an extra feature would be great imo.

Every war an alliance should get the option of challenge another alliance in a war, one can decline or go ahead and challenge, the one alliance you challenge can deny or accept or not respond, deny or not respond would count as a loss. In a challenge war the challenging team leader chooses how many will fight in the war at mimimum 3 teams up to 12. So lets say i choose 12 to play a challenge war but 24 have signed up for war, then the remaining 12 continue thru the regular matchmaking. The leader not only chooses how many but also wich teams should fight in the challenge war, the remaining teams go thru the matchmaking phase. You should get a list of alliances you can challenge and it should be based on your points and you highest 3 ranking teams, down to your 3 lowest teams, so what you have to choose from will be huge.

The leader should be able to study the alliance he choose to challenge before he decides how many and what teams will fight in that war. You will have to use tactics since the reminder of those that signed up for war will be matched against a alliance aswell. if you play your cards right you might win 2 wars that day.

Another idea but its more complicated, to do an alliance war but like a ladder of 3 steps. Each choose their opponent, but the attack is in three steps as the defender has three defence teams, first one contains 5 heroes 2nd 6 heroes and the third 7 heroes and the defender can only use the same hero once, while the attacker ckan keep or switch as he pleases. And you get points like in the tournament. Would be fun with something new.

Make this happen! :vulcan_salute: # excited

Good idea but, problem there is that it can be abused. The second alliance could belong to the same person and they could easily increase my resources or whatever prize with a second account.
Personally, I would love the chance to mop the floor with some of these pay2play alliances.

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