Challenge an alliance to war

I would love the functionality if an alliance could challenge another alliance for AW.
Reason for this is that there are so many players talking to each other on daily basis, and i feel that it would add to the social part of the game. If the challenge is accepted, the two alliances will match in the next war. If it’s declined, the match making will go on as usual.

Sounds like fun, but it’s not an AW challenge. I know a bunch of alliances tries to find each other in raids and count scores that way. I just want to have this as an AW option :wink:

Does that mean that you dislike my suggestion? Or what’s up with the “people” thing? How do you feel? What do you think? :slight_smile:

Ok, I see what you mean. I don’t see a reason to complain about 2x a week wars, since every alliance can choose to opt out (same for each individual player).

I’m thinking that, just as some people are no big fans of wars, others love them (as myself).
So I’m not suggesting wars more often, just an option to choose your enemy.

Also like your idea of live raids, that would be a fun feature!

Haha, I only have 2 GM, can fill up with 3 evelyn then, and I’ll be set :slight_smile:

I like your idea, Hugh. Certainly among the top alliances there are certain matches we enjoy (mutually) because of personal histories.

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My Line ID is HughTheFIrst so same as my name here. Just invite me, would be fun to see what’s up :slight_smile:

Sure is, but even in lower ranked alliances. I’m in 7DH, but I used to play in an alliance that ranks around 500, and that alliance had a lot of really good friends in an equally strong alliance (all from Sweden), and before every war, when match making starts, people are saying “this time we will match against each other”.

Never happens tho. :confused:

But I keep my fingers crossed that this will be possible one day :slight_smile:


This idea does have merit for sure but there would need to be strict controls.
It would be great to be able to challenge certain alliances for fun.
But also very easy for unscrupulous players to have alt accounts and challenge them for easy wins.
And yes believe it or not some people are like that

An easy solution to this would be to not give any chests at all for “friendly war”. A game mode that’s just for fun. Or have a timeout so you can only challenge another alliance once a month or something. Just to eliminate any possibility to cheat.

There are times that players get under eachothers skin. Wether it be in global or someone ends up leaving an alliance because the grass may be greener or they dont like how things are going etc. It would be fun for a lead or a co lead to send a war challange request to other alliances. They can accept or decline so it wouldnt be like a top 100 alliance making a challange to a bottom grade alliance and it goes through. It would be better if only a lead had this power as from what ive seen the only added bonus to being a lead is promoting someone to co so its really not much difference between co and lead.

@NotSoNewNewb This is an interesting idea, which others have posted about before too:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

Merged. :slight_smile:

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A lot of ppl would never challange or accept if there was no reward to it. There wouldnt be a point in creating the option. Im not a huge player and if there isn’t a reward or chance of getting assention items id be really annoyed. Big players may not care about tge items but mid and small players who want to grow would be forced to jump around to find an alliance who doesnt accept or challenge or they would get stuck on a training alliance until they are lvl 40

What if in the challenge the alliance puts up items like a bet. That way there is an option of a war just for fun or items or food or somthing can be put up for winner takes all

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I think you are wrong here. I think a lot of people would love the possibility. If only for testing their defence and for some honor. And if this does not suit you or you feel that you only do stuff for items, well you can just ignore the possibility.

Games are suposed to be fun, and for me, this would be great fun :slight_smile:

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What level are you and how many fully ascended heros do u have? I just got to 30 and have only been able to fully ascend 3 4* heros due to lack of items. If there is no chance of items theres no chance of my heros to move up so my power will never go up and ill never be able to take on bigger teams. I dont mind playing clean up but it would be nice to do some damage myself other than waiting around for a bigger player on my team to tank or healer bust

Would be fun to challenge an alliance as long as there are limitations in place to prevent manipulation and exploits

I’m lvl 46 and I have around 30 maxed 5 and 4*. It’s not about that tho. It’s about some things are just fun. We do them because it’s fun, nothing more. If you want a reward for everything you do, fine, then this will not be for you. When I was a kid, we went out to play a soccer match with our friends, just for fun, no one got a medal for winning. We played for as long as we wanted to, didn’t matter what the score was, it was just so fun.

That’s why I get sad when so many responses are “give me stuff or this idea sucks, no one will do it if there is no reward”… well I think you are wrong, so many of us want to play just for fun, and relax a bit from competetive gaming.

It’s like a practice mode, for people to enjoy the great community and improve their offence and defence without losing cups or risking losing a war.

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There will be no risk for this, if there is no reward for it. Or if the reward is a useless one, like an avatar, fun to have, but it doesn’t make you better. This is suposed to be a fun game mode, nothing more.

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