Chakkoszrot – 5* Dark / Purple - August 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Every time I look at this card I am more sure that I could make good use of him.

He would see action for me in VF war and tournaments, along with situational use elsewhere depending on hero lineup being attacked.

Currently I am moving to Quintus tank for VF wars and I’d happily have Chak instead of him there.

235% to all is not insignificant when in addition to the other bits he does. He isn’t there to be a Bertilla or Killhare and wipe everyone out. It’s enough damage to maim and let his secondary issues go to work so as my main offensive heroes can then pick the bones clean.


Looks pretty solid.

Sure, he’s slow, but he can’t ever be slowed down any further - immune to direct mana redux, and mana generation debuffs will be replaced by a buff instead.

As far as the effects go, could see him swinging for ~500 on defense, and buff immunity for 4 turns is pretty huge - think not being able to get gazelle off for 4 turns, or wasting Sif/Krampus entirely if attacking.

Do want.


Liz should be able to make him slower. Her mana generation - is undispellable, so it can’t be replaced with +mana.
Also mist should prevent it, she makes him slower and imun for buffs, so he probably can’t overwrite it, although with mist I’m not 100% sure if it works when the effect is an innate ability but I think it should.


Fair enough. Honestly, what can’t she do?

Will try Mist and check if she works. It all depends on whether or not the passive activation occurs on each debuff as it’s applied, or after the special is done.

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Another very lazy job of special skill animation. A distorted complex of Theobald and Elradir.
The developers are clearly trying to reduce the cost of the game as much as possible. Shame on you.


Yes and not having pulled Sabinas costume on main he’d fill that role well

I’ll discipline myself to pull during the Slayers event later this week.

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I’m loving him already. Tried 6 pulls and got sif. Will probably save feeders for him though…


not a female: hotms comes out one time female one time male on each color: last one was malicna on purple (female); this time a male: chakkoszrot

going accordingly to @Pois1 list, Back when hotms just started, there were five straight months where it’s all males. Even the very first hotm, hel was followed by Athena

Yeah I’m the same, definitely looks like a hero I’ll use in VF wars and tournaments.

People are quick to say slow heroes are rubbish but I still get play from mine. This is a situational hero and I’ll ascend him when I get 6 tabards.


This hero is pretty niche. I don’t really like the fact that he runs at slow speed, when he intends to block heroes buffing mana like Brynhild or Odin who are fast. I’m not sure he would be worthy of the mana troops in a mono stack as well. I’d rather have him deal less damage but be faster to counter the mana buffs.

His element link would be very nice in my stack though as I already have C. Rigard and a Sabina with costume bonus helping me keeping Alfrike alive.

He’s original and nice but there seems to be too much competition for him with better dark heroes. He could be a decent heroes for P2P players/players with small rosters.

I think he should go to Average speed.
Maybe first become less on damage dealing (eg 150%) and then get Average speed in order of his special mana control to be of greater use. Or maybe lessen the mana debuff (eg -24% to all or the same -54% to only 3) but with Average speed. A mana control hero should be able to act before the middle of the battle and not to the end of it.


Toxicandra? Will chak work against toxicandra moderate mana gain for 3 turns ?

Yes, but the mana generation drop is the undispellable effect so SG thinks that this is the main one.

Besides, if buff prevention is on, the mana generation drop is useless since buffs can not be applied anyway, therefore it wont work.

The buff prevention doesn’t dispel already existing buffs, so if he has some mana buff he will get the manaslowdown.
If not I don’t think it will make a big difference. If a hero who gives mana+ is close to fire you should always wait with your chak, until he fired and if nobody is close you probably won’t still block them when they fire the next time.

He has a Grimble feel to him. Grimble came out way before the meta shifted to minions… maybe he will have more of a purpose in the near future.


Yeah, so in the case where the enemy doesn’t use mana gen as a skill, the main focus for his ailment will be the buff blocker. He can also ensure clerics that manashielded his mana slow don’t get any buffs.
He actually has the same problems as mist. And come to think of it, mist feels ways more superior than him. Even though her’s is hit 3, she’s fast with a guaranteed mana slow and a buff blocker. Bonus ailment of special defence down

Hi this is my thought so far as I haven’t levelled him up fully yet but I think he’s missing something as he’s dying to quickly for a slow hero t the moment

Just needs something as I don’t know exactly what but under HP as a slow hero dying to quickly but not fully levelled up yet but definitely needs to be looked into

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