Chakkoszrot – 5* Dark / Purple - August 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

In English generally the male form is gender less. A woman can be called an actor or an actress. Telluria is a female but in the game is called forest God.

Also for the most part HOTM go gender back and forth month to month and Devana is definitely female.

Iirc, they have messed up this order only three times since Drake Fong.

First is from Evelyn to Onatel (Dec 2018 to Jan 2019)
Second is from Zocc to Bai Yeong (August 2020 to September 2020)
Third is Zulag to Glenda (Oct 2020 to Nov 2020)


They did shift it at one point so that the female avatar wouldnt always be the paywalled one for valor. I think it was determined Zocc is male and Bai is female, so it was Glenda and Zulag who were the valor switch.

Here are my thoughts on the new HOTM!


You have my upload already for the fact that you were able to pronounce the name and it sounded correctly.

Got him.
I rank him as a C hero :slightly_smiling_face:

At least he is better than Salmon Loki.


I didn’t get this lizard (yet?) but he seems like a solid offensive support hero especially if used in conjunction with Zulag. She got a lot of hate for not healing enough and he could help. Pair them with some hitters and these two can absorb some hits.

Also, I think he is more “slow” than slow. Almost everyone does some kind of ailment, be it D drop, fire, etc.

He’s not a game changer and if you won’t see him in top 100 D’s, but if you’re not one of the 1%’ers at the top you’d find a use for him. Unique heroes are unique heroes :+1:.



I’m waiting for the “why haven’t I pulled Chak yet!?” Thread.

I can kick one off. I did 47 (I think it was) summons this very morning and didn’t get him (or anything else that wasn’t instant food, but that’s only to be expected). GIEF LIZARD PLZZZZZZ

I did this last month with Devana, but ended up getting two of her. So it’s obviously far too early to panic. Plenty of portals to come (but not enough gems to spend in them).

30 pull. Salmon loki the only 5 until got C-rot as bonus.

Insult to injury.

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i can’t wait to start using this hero. i think i’m going to have a lot of fun—too bad i’m tapped out on Druid emblems though haha.

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can anyone think of a reason for why this hero would even exist? why not at least let it do damage if it can’t do anything useful?

  • Deals 235% damage to all enemies.


Aside from the damage I do think Chakky will be useful for my personal gameplay when paired with Grimble vs teams with Bera and Sif/Odin and Krampus as icing on the cake (which at the moment at least is very common). I am curious just how fast the +24% mana will make him when bitten by a bera moth.

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Because he also blocks enemies from getting buffs as well? The mana slow should be seen as a bonus effect at this point.
He can also be deceptively fast if you’re not careful

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perhaps it would have been more accurate to say a lot of damage?

A hit all at 235% is not bad when you consider the other stuff he is doing. Should be able ot get his attack in the mid 800s and that probably translates to 400+ hit on most enemies.

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According to the mana breakpoint chart, he could easily reach 10 tiles to fire if he gets hit with a status effect and possibly get the spirit link benefit from Malicna in a purple stack

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I thought with a level 11 mana he could get to 9 tiles without Malicna?


Not really a lvl 11

You need 34% for slow heroes to charge in 9 tiles. With his 24% buff he is missing 10% so he needs a lvl 17 manatroop (11% total 35%) or with emblems (4% because druid) only a lvl 5 Manatroop (4%+7%+24%=35%, also enough)


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