Chakkoszrot – 5* Dark / Purple - August 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

No hero is useless. Think of how much amusement Salmon Loki has provided on the forum. He has a use.


That’s the most use of that useless fish

Tidyup, you and Tunder seem to be hellbent on calling heroes useless - independent of whether you used them or not. Why don’t you go and find a game that is more suited to you.

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In fairness to @Tidyup … I do really struggle to see a viable use for Salmon Lolki. In fact I haven’t seen or read a testimonial from any player where they have managed to make him work well in their lineup


Definitely agree. And realistically, that “useless” fish will be the most useful legendary purple for a player with no other legendary purples.

And @Samantha7 is right, if you think the heroes are so useless, either find a different game or, if you’re “unlucky” enough to pull these “useless” heroes, feed them to Aife so they don’t have to disgrace your roster with their presence.

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This is my Chakko.

In comparison to the previous dark HOTM Malicna, I find Chakko underwhelming.

As I’ve previously written on the forum, I enjoy Malicna, and she is a fun hero. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Not only is she average mana, I like her hit-three, and the element link of small mana gain is 100% superior to Chakko’s.

I consider whichever Alternative Malicna casts as a bonus. :wink:

Back to Chakko. I think he “needs” some hard to get support heroes, to help him shine. A mana 17 troop to drop a tile is also useful.

Here is an example. Panther is Panther (elemental defence down). :heart_eyes: Once Malicna fires, her Alternative can slow down the enemy, and her small mana gain will help Chakko fire faster.

As a vc2p, it is usually rare to get a shiny, new hero. Thus I can try to enjoy Chakko with low expectations.

At least, I think his artwork is great, and I enjoy his special skill animation. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps I’ll enjoy him more, whenever I can give him more emblems?


Lol :joy: yeah the salmon loki thread is hillarious


and he will show his different face in any rush formats too… njoy


Considering that many people enjoy using Quintus, I don’t see why many would not be pleased with Chakkszrot.


Which path to choose for chakky?

Homoclese. I’m sure that’s true. S friend from my alliance got him and hasn’t found a purpose for him either (except barbecuing) - I was really referring to the general tendency to call every new hero useless without having worked with him. I recall Zulag, Noor and Reuben all being called ‘useless’ - I find they all serve a purpose and I enjoy working with them.

Mine has already found a place in the mono team


this is it. I don’t just like Malicna, i like her because she’s fun.


I just got my Chaka from legends pulls…a C2P…can’t say I’m disappointed…this is the 1st HOTM I’m getting after malicna last time …

Now Domitia will have to wait in line, gonna level this lizard up or else some more viable dark hero pops up from my HA10 or any other free summons…

C yaaa


Because sometimes it’s the truth, the salmon is an exception. And this is coming from me, someone who loves Noor. Even Reuben and zulag has practical use. The main point I’m even voicing in my original post is that chakky is not useless. There are way worse heroes out there, case in point the salmon

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Which path to choose for chakky?

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Does this guy negative mana ailment works to prevent enemies gain mana faster on this very fast war?

No. Rush war is not a dispellable buff.

Ah too bad… :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

20 characters

I’d say it depends on where you plan to use him, and your team setup(s) for him.

As someone who likes to maximise damage, I considered attack path for Chakko. However, since he is slow mana, and has a lower attack stat, I’ll emblem Chakko def>HP>attack.

I find him a bit squishy at +2, and defence path will help him survive to fire his special skill.

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