cFrancine vs El Naddaha

I was fighting a raid, and my cFrancine had cast her skill, so had the undispellable buff up to cleanse at the end of every turn. Enemy El Naddaha went off, hitting my two rightmost heroes. I didnt get a screenshot at that point, but those two hero’s showed both cFrancine’s undispellable buff and El Naddaha’s ailment. When cFrancine’s buff does its thing in turn, those two heroes take damage, and the buff goes away and ailment stays. El Naddaha’s ailment isn’t uncleansible, so I can’t imagine this is working as intended.

I just have screenshots of a couple of the cards after it occurred; I didn’t get a screenshot prior because wasn’t expecting it. I can try and repeat it at somepoint in another raid.

Here is her specials …

Also this video by @Mr.Spock on the last battle has her being a pita :wink:

Edit Ah soz francine is undispensable :thinking:


Yup undispellable should be immune to passive dispel

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Yeah, it was the undispellable part that had me. I figured even her passive shouldn’t knock that out.

Prob send a support ticket be good ill forward to chat :+1:

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