Cfrancine costume bonus reduced

Why is cfrancines costume bonus so much weaker than the normal costumed heroes.

Just because… I’m not trying to be a jerk about it. It was noted that all the other event costumes have lower bonuses than S1 costumes. I imagine just to make sure they aren’t too OP or too fast. Particularly when you consider that some of the Halloween heroes are usually fast or very fast.

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The summer event costumes (Rana/Yunan) had lower ones too…I think just a tick higher than the Halloween ones, but lower than S1 heroes. Just how it is. Balance and all…right?

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Costumes for older hotm will have lower bonus as well


I think it’s the way to go with them. Costumes for S1 are strong to help get them up to other levels (not all are of course but some certainly do)

I like that the Seasonal costumes just offer an alternative to the standard power and class without all out breaking them.

Firstly it means that anyone with an older version doesn’t get the hump completely (I have Finley and G.Panther…both will get costumes at some point I’d guess). So not getting the costume won’t make either of mine useless but if you don’t have them there’s a reason to want them.


To remain balanced I presume and to keep those s1 heroes relevant with all the new heroes that are close to OP off the bat.

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