Certain events rigged?

Okay so this may be the same for a few players. I understand a good pit luck as much as the next person. However ive been eagerly awaiting the costume event this month like others. Saved lots of gems and keys for it. Made over 50 pulls and got not a 5*…I dont expect 5* every time but in all the costume events I’ve never pulled a 5*…yet in other events like valhalla atlantis hero tavern Christmas… I’ve pulled a 5* in far less pulls. Now I am starting to thing there is a bit of rigging going on in each portal for players. I dont believe for a second that of all the pulls people do…the same big wigs do less pulls and are “luckier” than the rest. 3 years I’ve played this game and put in a handsome amount of money and enjoyed along the way. But it seems disheartening to many that it seems like its not about % moreover you’re not destined to pull a gooden on a certain event.


Why should they prefer and/or disadvantage some people?

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Yes it is rigged. The percentage of 5* u get is about 2-3% of all ur total pull since playing this game

But don’t worry, if u get bad luck on this pull, most assuredly u will get a 5* on upcoming tavern or valhalla. Mark my word!


This is an open question. I believe that we get better luck on different events but the costume event for me is definitely not one that I can pull a 5* on no matter how much money I spend. #provemewrong

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If you’re willing to spend money the best way to prove yourself wrong is to keep doing pulls. It’s a win-win. If you get a five star hero you got what you wanted. If you don’t it adds confirmation to this thread to you.


It’ll be even win win win…

3rd winner is SGG :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No you misunderstand. The odds are printed and show you believe this portal is somehow different to others than you need to prove them wrong. No one has to prove anything to you.

The accuser has to present evidence to convict someone of guilt, not the other way around.

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Wow cheds that got all law and order up in here?! Okay to provide evidence going back the entirety of the costume events inception I don’t have every single pull but the number is between 200 and 250. Not a single 5* that’s okay because i go use one token in valhalla and get lord loki…I’m not saying this is unfair woe is me etc. What I’m saying is “costume event is rigged for ME” I have lots of 5* from valhalla and I didnt even try to get any of them. Just pulls from time to time. Same with atlantis

I get your point but that’s very specific isn’t it? I mean why is it just rigged against you? Seems awfully nasty of them to single you out.

Or…it’s just RNG being RNG.

I have no 5* from Grimforest, Avalon or Wonderland. Is it rigged against me?? Or just showing that it’s hard to land 1.3% 5* hero? I mean you’ve done 50 pulls and not got a 5*…it sucks but guess what? That’s not even unusual. It’s not even out of the odds yet. If you got a 5* on your 90th pull you have have in fact beaten the odds.

So yes, feels not great but them’s the breaks

Depends cheds. What I’m saying is are the odds in fact different to what is advertised for each event for specific peeps. Hell let’s run a 100 pull in a couple of months and I’ll check in with you see if I “beat the odds”

I did well over a 100 pulls trying to get Jean Francois back in Feb (I think…been a while) and got nothing. It was my harsh lesson on chasing heroes. Not been repeated.

I did an EHT pull March 1st and got Vivica + Telluria. Just like that, the King of EHT summons, the mythical double 5*.

That’s the game right there in a nutshell. I throw a 10 summon into most portals if they have a hero I want. I’ve probably done more pulls than 50 trying for Black Knight. I don’t have him nor any of his 5* buddies. I did 27 EHT summon in the Christmas portal and got nothing too. Did 4 Atlantis coin summons this month and got Atomos (again, sigh)

That’s the thing with RNG. It can feel against you but that’s just odds working against you and rubbish luck.

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Yeah that is how I always used to see it cheds dumb luck for me etc. But the more often it happens the less I see luck the more I see more than coincidence. Time will tell and lessons learnt for me today like you cheds

It’s hard to differentiate between rigged and unlucky. Your 200ish pulls just puts you in the unlucky 5% essentially.

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It’s really amazing how many people think that they’re special and the game must be doing something to them.

Sorry. You’re not. It’s RNG. And the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be.

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When some of Valhalla’s heroes (Frigg, Gefjon, Odin) were featured, I pulled more than 270 times in total and didn’t get any S3 5* heroes.
After that, except for Vip and Valor pass, as soon as I stopped spending, I got King Arthur from free event coins and Marjana and Kadilen from free costume keys.
You should take it for granted that 5* heroes are not available. Even if you desperately chase after a hero, there is no compensation available.


Wow zat. Keyboard warrior or what? This wasn’t a cry or woe is me call out or did you fail to understand that from the above statements. Its a question…do we think certain summon portals are rigged? I reckon so. But then again I like the idea of not paying for anything and only using the tokens and see what happens.

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Comment of the year for 2021.

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