CEPD: Compulsive Empires and Puzzles Disorder

i wonder if i suffer from a serious CEPD (Compulsive Empires and Puzzles Disorder).

Main Symtom:

Investing time daily in the game a feeling of growing depression and senselessnes appears.

Desease History:

It all started around 14 months ago. Till now i invested quite some time daily in the game. Till now i invested a bit of money monthly in the game (C2P, only vip and some gem offers, never spend for ascension mats so far). I have reached now a point where i have quite a few nice 5 star heroes that i can’t ascend because of no or not enough mats.E.g. i have 6 green 5 star heroes and was only able to ascend one of them… tonics total 7 left 1. In other colours i as well was only able to ascend 1 hero out of some because of missing mats. I’m in this situation now for several months.

New heroes keep coming from time to time out of TC20 or from ocassional pulls but mats are not. I’m not sure if throwing money (e.g. buying ascension mats) at my problem is the right thing to do … . I still enjoy parts of the game… e.g. raiding … at least at the moment, so giving up the game doesn’t look right as well… and taking a break? just feels like a try to postpone the problem to a later point in time (and not solving it)

I sure others are suffering from the same desease and wonder how they deal with it?

Kind regards,


p.s. don’t take this description of my desease too serious… :wink: but really I wonder how others overcome such rather long depressive phases…


Oh no, this is me in one year’s time :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have similar problem with this game. Started playing June 2018, c2p (VIP and sometimes offers). I have some decent and maxed heroes and I can beat anyone in raids (and sometimes lose to someone with TP below 4k) but now the game seems pointless to me.

It’s the same grind every day. Raids, farming, titan, sometimes war, sometimes challenge event.

I guess it’s not. How many 4* mats can you buy? Such offers are rare and you can buy a single item whereas you need 6 of that kind for one 5* hero. Offers aren’t the best source of ascension items.

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One day you will get some more tonics, promise :rofl:

As long as I have mats for 5* will try to get them and level them up. They simply are the most interesting and powerful. But we all know that you can be competitive as well with a good roster of 4*. 5* are just the cherries on top. I do cherish the few ones I’ve got :slight_smile:

Maybe competing in the new events, when they are out, in rare tear (maybe also epic) can be a new goal. You might even get some Ascension items out of it

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OMG! We got pandemic! :scream::scream::scream:

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Disease? Depressive? Sweet mother of mercy, what things are given to read here :rofl: It is just a game. Most people play a game for self entertaining, not being depressive…

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A lot of ppl feel the same way. Keep putting all the work into the game only to progress 1 millimeter at a time. Some players only have one 5* hero after an entire year of game play. WT#?

A snail would call this game slow.

*Phase 1:
It’s ridiculously hard enough to get the heroes you want.
*Phase 2:
It’s ridiculously hard enough to get the ascension items you need to ascend said heroes you wanted.
*Phase 3:
Once phase 1 & 2 miracles have been achieved. Said heroes become worthless whilst confronting highly emblemed defense teams in wars.
*Final phase:
Player realizes what a complete waste of time playing this game has been. Raises concerns on the official forum & gets told to put on his tin foil hat & go play something else.


It’s a game to spend some free time and to enjoy. Nothing more. Anybody except the developers could earn anything by achieving sth in it. It’s just there to make your free time a little bit more enjoyable.

I have read various posts from the staff in multiple threads where they mention that they are working on adding new ways of obtaining ascension materials and admit that it is lower than they would like it to be.

I have faith that they will address this issue and if we hang in there, that we will have some shiny new ascended 5* to play with.

off course it is a game… that’s why i said don’t take it too serious…

may i ask: how long are you playing it? (how) do you manage to keep it enjoyable for you? never experienced frustrative periods with it?

so youre suggestion is to rather quit now (in phase 2) than later (in final phase) ?

i have read those too… and i really hope this too… but i have doubts… they promsed nice things with raid tournaments too… and imho didn’t deliver… so i have my doubts…

if they really think obtaining am is lower than they think it should be… why would they build new ways to change it and not simply change existing thigs…e.g. raid tournament loot…

…so i have hope but i have my doubts as well…

but hope always dies last…

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Of course I did, but imo that’s part of it and didn’t last long.

The frustration arises from our generally competitive nature and our desire to win in what is essentially an unwinnable game.

No one can be the “best” in the game so you can’t win that way. You can finish the seasons, which gives a sense of accomplishment, but half the user base have finished Season 2 hard so that’s not really “winning” in the sense of “being best”. You can have the most cups and it may last for many minutes, but there is always someone else to replace you very quickly. And they will in turn be replaced just as quickly. I’m sure there are thousands of players who have been #1.

So yes, the game can be frustrating.But that is more from the perceptions we have of it than the nature of the game itself.

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Wait!! @nevarmaor, everyone knows I’M the best every time I win a raid!!!

If I lose it’s because of bad boards, phone call or earthquake. I couldn’t possibly lose because I’m exceptionally terrible on occasion!!!

Now getting to the main topic here. It’s a game, if you don’t have visions of grandeur, of being top dog in a pool of top dogs, the game is just a game. Play it when you have free time. If you do spend, set a budget and stick to it. Sure that new hero looks awesome, but you don’t absolutely need it to be competitive.
Like nevamaor said, you won’t ever “win” this game so what is the rush. The ascension materials trickle out so why buy up a huge roster of 5* of you don’t have the ability to level them. I only work on the heroes I can level, other than a few I want to try out mid-leveled. Makes it much less frustrating waiting for that last dang telescope.
Good Luck and hope you find that sweet spot between obsessively farming and absolute depression that makes this game fun.

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