Censure's Leveling Guide

It also will not effect the special power as you can see from my hero’s.

So you go to 180? It’s already 180 for 2* though

So you’re saying it’s cheaper cost wise to go to 180ish for 2* to be then used on 4*?

Cause my 4* is what I’m trying to max all are at t3 atm for me

You throw away thousands of XP like that. A 1* gives 150 xp offcolour and you feed for example 3 of them to a 2* thats 450xp u feed away and u only gain like 100 extra xp if not less by feeding the leveled 2* so you‘re burning 350xp that moment. I‘d not do that to be honest :smiley:

Depends on how you are trying to do it. Especially if with the hero cap. So someone trying to get 10 blue 1* and hoping they don’t hit the hero cap before they get that 10th Blue. Like I said this is also the cheapest cause feeding gets expensive and you want the most xp for the price you pay for each hero. Especially if someone doesn’t need anymore blues and they are sitting on a ton of blue 1* hero’s
Lots of variables. Do you have a low hero cap, extra 1* hero’s of a color you don’t need, the cost for someone with low high resources ie food.
This is how I’ve been playing it and it seems to work rather quickly and efficiently for me without going broke on food or losing any special skill set.

I experimented with training up 1* and 2* early on and then feeding them to 4* and 5* to see if there was a way to boost the experience they received from training and it was a losing proposition. In the end it is better food and experience-wise just to feed the 1* and 2* directly to the 4* and 5*.


@maliciousbuthot method is about saving food. As you say, lot of variables, circumstances involved. Like the TC level 5-9 everyone rants about, there will be many instances where someone needs a color NOW and uses it. Nice to have then. I am not at a level where food is a limiting factor when training. Will experiment with it again (tried some when I started) just to see. More about saving food in the next post.

Training TROOPS

Train the troop up to near the maximum for the level.
Leave it there.
Feed it when you have ten to use.

The cost is for the lower level per unit even though it goes through the level limit. Next time cost will be at the higher level. Do the same for next level.

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I’m at the level where training troops is highly expensive like ridiculously so it helps

So, you feed ten 1* heroes to the 2*. That’s 1800 experience to the same color hero at a cost of 12,000 ham. Then feed it to your 4* hero to gain an extra 250 experience?

No I feed 2 1* hero’s to a 2* hero. It gets it to 180+ power. That is all I do with 2* hero’s. Cost for that since it’s a first time level of the 2* is about 2,000 ham. I take that 2* now powered at 180 or higher and I feed that to anything of the same color

Ok, and you gain 250 experience that way, but lose 360 experience with a net loss of 110 experience, but it costs you about 5460 ham to feed the single 2* hero to your tier 4 4* hero for 718 experience instead of feeding all three heroes to the tier 4 4* hero and gaining the 828 experience for 16,380 ham. I see what you mean. I used numbers from a Tier 4 4* that I had in my stable that was about 4-40ish for the cost numbers and you do this feeding only two 1* to your 2* heroes?

I did try to replicate this on my account and using the directions you gave it only netted 490 experience feeding two 1* to a 2* feeder and trying to feed it to a mid 4th tier 4* hero of the same element. I noticed that your 2* feeder was actually level 12 which would require a lot more feeding than two 1*.

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I’m currently tracking TC lvl 2 training. Here is what it looks like:
1* hero 200
2* hero 184

So I would go with 50-50 estimation.

It definitely is 50/50

Hi Otto! I’m using your guide with some tweaks of my own (due to lv mainly), so first of all - thanks!!!

So, I would like to ask for your permission to translate it to Portuguese and post for the alliance I’m in - they have questions regarding leveling up and I believe your guide could be helpful. I won’t change anything of course, and full credit is on you… Pls let me know? Tks in adv bro!

Please feel free to do so. I made the guide for people to share and to help people avoid the mistakes I made while learning the game. At the end of the document I give credit to those players that contributed toward the guide. Please include that in your translation. Those people helped a lot and deserve the credit.

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Thanks Otto. And yes I’ll definitely keep the credits! Cheers

I stumbled across this for odds for farming mats:


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Thanks JMM, if you look along the bottom of some of the pages, you’ll see I entered a bunch of the data for that spreadsheet. Keep sharing it.