Censure's Leveling Guide

Here is something I wrote up that may help some. I am certain that it is a work in progress as are most of my writings. Let me know what you think.


Ok, I’ve deleted the previous writing as I’ve updated the content. You can follow the link to the Google document. This way the link can be shared with others. I figured this is probably the best way to get the information out. Let me know what you think.


Solid write up. Don’t get scared by a lot text, folks! If you want to expand your hero stable in a smart way, here’s your way :grin:

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I disagree with the leveling 5 heros at a time all the time. At some point usually when you get a decent team of 4* heroes. The gain of 20% becomes pointless as they will not increase the strength of your bench to warrant the time it takes to get all of them to that level. AW changed this a little, but a 3* regardless of level is not a significant improvement in your bench strength.

If two players had the same heroes and they both received a heroes of each color to level. The one that ascended them one at a time would get weeks more use out of the heroes than waiting for them all to reach max level at about the same time.

Now you need the materials to level said hero . If you don’t then it doesn’t really matter which way you level them.

It takes me a little over a week to level a 4* to 4/70. A 3" takes me about two days. I have stopped leveling heroes unless I have the mats and they will significantly improve my ability on some aspect of the game. I got Merlin in a pull during the last event. I leveled him to 3/60 and he was the only reason I beat intermediate and advanced.

Once you get to TC11 on all three camps you should easily get 60 heroes a day and be able to level a 4* to max in 10 days. Without dropping a single dollar in the game.


That’s why there are two different methods listed in the guide. One where you just wait until you have 16 to 18% chance of raising power and train the hero of that Element. One where you use Levels 5 through 9 to focus on a hero of one particular Element, while using feeders of other elements to feed coinciding Heroes of that particular element.

It does take time, but we are playing a game that is based on conservation of resources and using them properly. It can be bypassed with injection of real money into your account, but still the game is about resource management.


With 100 recruits as the limiting factor using 5-9 consumed 20 sword and 20 backpacks along with 170,000 food to produce 20 heroes, 10 1* and 10 2* a for 6480 XP.

The same number of recruits using 12 backpacks, and 42,000 food with TC2 and TC11 will produce 32 heroes; 13 1* off color, 3 1* on color, 13 2* off color, and 3 2* on color for 8944 XP. When referring to resource management there is no reason to use 5-9.


You keep pointing to things already included in the guide. That method is stated as being less efficient than the alternative method. I only use that method to accelerate when I am focusing on advancing one hero of a specific element quickly. The alternative method is the most efficient way to handle advancing your Heroes with the best cost. It just requires patience.

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If you are advancing a single hero quickl,y, using TCs 1, 2 , and 11 will advance a hero faster than using the corresponding element in TC 5-9. You will run out of food, sword, or backpacks before you can outpace the other method in XP production.

5-9 cost 425% to 850% more food, and 1-2 more materials. For a measly 20% increase in 80% of its production. It’s not worth it.

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You have an excellent point. Thank you and I do appreciate the input. It is great to get feedback and I think cooperative effort with more than one set of eyes can only make things better. I’ll revise the guide. Thank you.

Ok, it has been updated with the corrected information. Thanks again.

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Hi Otto:

Great writeup. I agree with 98% of it and I have a few comments. Before I start, I think it should be moved to the “Player Guides” section.

  1. Otto’s Risk Method – using enough heroes to get a 16-18% chance of leveling will work well, but so will numerous other strategies. I feed things one at a time to minimize my storage. Although psychologically it may help to see more leveling per session, the results are the same. I have stopped arguing probabilities with people after seeing every post about RNGs being biased.

  2. If I am trying for an event or other epic hero, I could generate excess 3* (and occasional 4* and 5*) heroes. If I have duplicates, I take advantage of the 25% chance of increasing the special per duplicate. This is most important on 3* heroes. However, there is a minor advantage in having partially leveled 4* heroes be maxed in specials for Alliance Wars.

  3. If I want to avoid having level 50 3* heroes with less than maximum special, start them with 1* heroes only (other than the duplicates as above). After they get to an appropriate level, then train them with either if you want to speed up. Appropriate level means 6/8 on first ascension levels, 7/8 on second, and 8/8 on last. You do mention this in the guide but I don’t think it is specifically spelled out for 3* heroes.

  4. Because I have adequate food now, I use 1* heroes as well as 2* heroes to level heroes over 4/30. However, one thing that I will do is stop a character a couple levels short, i.e. level 68/70 and 78/80. I will use trainer heroes to do the rest. That gives you a huge advantage in food. As an extreme example, a 4* trainer will use 3% of the food as 1* heroes when jumping the same number of XP. When you are talking 10K plus food per feeder hero, this difference becomes huge.

Finally, MOAHS makes some excellent points especially about level 2 TC. I do differ in that I have 37 level 70 and above heroes but I am still leveling 5 at a time. Maybe when I get to the number Zero or Censure have I’ll change to one at a time. The one exception was the green rabbit. I did so many attempted Guin pulls that I had a bunch of heroes to level. I needed the green rabbit for the current challenge and I used all those heroes to do a rapid ascension. I still level 3* for the beginner challenge.

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Thank you so much Epigenic for the input.

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For TC Lvl 1, it takes 1600 ham and a wooden sword. You can produce Six 1* per hour which is a total of 180 experience x 6 = 1080 experience at a total cost of 9600 ham and 6 wooden swords.

For TC Lvl 2, it takes 2000 ham and a backpack. You can produce two heroes 1* or 2* per hour, which can be anywhere from 360 to 936 experience per hour for a total cost of 4000 ham and 2 backpacks.

For TC Level 5 through 9, you can produce 1 hero per hour either 1* or 2* for a total of 180 or 438 experience at a cost of 8500 ham, 1 backpack and 1 wooden sword. I think you can see why levels 5 through 9 are not really that useful now.

Now consider TC level 19 at a cost of 5500 ham and 1 rugged clothes to produce one 1* hero every minute. As long as you have excess ham and rugged clothes, you can produce 60 1* heroes in an hour for a total of 10,800 experience produced in an hour.

Using TC level 19 can be tricky though
There is a fine balance you must have with your ham to be able to use all of those 1* for training once you’ve loaded up the TC, because you can run out of Ham when using the feeders to train your heroes if you are not careful.

I’d recommend having at least 800k in ham minimum if you are going to load up TC lvl 19. Load up the TC until half of your ham is gone (400k). Then use the other half to use up the trainer heroes that you produce.
It is expensive, but it really helps advance your heroes quickly

That being said, first priority is: If you have excess ham, use TC 19, if you have Wooden swords, use TC 1, If you have backpacks, use TC2, if you have none of these, use TC 11.


TC3 > TC1 when talking efficiency in the time domain when it comes to leveling at an increased ham expense which if one is raiding smartly, isn’t an issue.

Worth a note in any guide as a result, especially if recommending TC19 by the same rationale.

TC 3 costs 5000 ham, 5 recruits and 1 wooden sword producing 30 1 star heroes per hour for a total of 5400 experience per hour and a total cost of 150,000 ham, 30 wooden swords and 150 recruits. That’s over 3 times the cost, but 5 times the rate of TC lvl 1. If you have the resources available, that would be the way to go.

This is all excellent information. However, if we are comparing costs of TCs that generate 1* vs those that generate both 1* and 2*, we must take into consideration the leveling cost differences. On average, having 50% 1* and 50% 2* will get you ahead with lower cost than doing 1* alone given the same experience bump. You refer to this indirectly when you say to save ham with TC 19.

We need to assume that people are leveling either 4* (which may cost 5000+ per recruit) or 5* (which are usually above 8000 per recruit and can go over 12K). Those 6 1* per hour that you produce with TC 1 may cost 9600 ham to generate, but the leveling cost may be over 50,000 more depending on which heroes you train.

Let’s say your costs are 10,000 per hero, so 60,000 for 6 recruits. On average, 3.5 mixed 1*/2* recruits will have the same experience gain as the 6 1* recruits. The savings for the same experience gain using mixed recruits will be 25,000 ham!

Just to illustrate what @Epigenetic said

One 1* hero 10400 ham to get 150 xp.
Imo not worthy at all

Edit: he’s not even on last tier ascension

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Yes, it does get expensive. This is certainly a consideration and for some it is a no-go. For me, it is a consideration and I’ll use the 1* for training up heroes less than third tier if I can, but If I am power leveling, I have a keep that’s advanced enough to produce a lot of ham, so I’ll just plunge right in and spend the ham to train the hero up at times and depending on the situation.

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Just curious: Does anyone know the percentage chance of a 1* vs 2* showing up for TC lvl 2, 4, or 11?

According to some of the higher level players I’ve spoken with, it’s about 50-50 on 1* vs 2* in those TC levels. You can work the math from there.

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Was thinking of that too but wasn’t sure how high thnks will try this out for sure

Just noticed, 2* already at lvl 180 so method pretty much void

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