Censure om playername


Hello we have A member with the name “dombo”

It’s the name of a small elefant from a child movie

When we type his name on the chat all we get are stars ***

Please fix it


Dumbo is the elephant. Try typing “dumb”. If you still get stars, the censor is preventing you from insulting someone. :wink:


Words like “dumb” shouldn’t be censored. All it does is make people replace it with something way worse in their heads :joy:


Thinks something in head :joy:


“Dombo” is dutch see my avatar ??


Yes. I suffer from English-centrism. Pay me no mind. :wink:


Sometimes the censorship isn’t well thought off. In the Finnish version they censored the same word that was used in the UI itself. Tavarat is what inventory is called in the game UI. Really not that dirty word, even if it can be used as a synonym for genitalia, it generally just used to say “stuff”. What makes it so funny is that this game is made by a Finnish company :slight_smile: