Censuration system issue


I have found a glitch where you can bypass censuration system and use censured words in the game, using Russian keyboard. For example you could use Russian e, y, o, p, a and c to replace regular letters with the russian letters in censured words, And the censuration system wont detect the words, And that way you can type censured words into the chat without the system detecting them as censured, Such words are for example “■■■■,” and “■■■”. I was blocked doing this, And I hope it will get fixed.


By passing the profanity filter is something that will happen in almost every game and platform, people will misspell words or space them out to bypass them all the time.

If you see people saying them just to say them, it’s likely not that big of a deal. If people are being extremely vulgar, you may want to use the in game report function.