Being that I am 100% against the censorship of any sorts. I will be leaving this forum.

Thanks to those that have provided advice.

Unfortunately being censored on telling some individuals what they need to hear goes against the fact I am not nor will not become PC in order to save feelings of snowflakes who have been coddled way too long, or for the simple idea of joining the herd goes against the way I was brought up. Especially being the fact I was being extremely civil. Far too bad this world has become so sad that as soon as an opinion is different than some kid living in moms basement is not considered civil. Life sucks. Truth hurts. Maybe get a tissue.

I will not promote such a society being real life or hiding behind a computer

I need to make this decision for my own sanity.

Again many thanks to the folks that helped me out.

Good day and happy gaming.

Being that I can find no where to delete my forum account, would you please remove it ASAP. Thank you.


Would logging out and not logging back in suffice?

We’re taking care of this request, @anon89026910. I am sorry to see you go, and doubly sorry that you think moderating actions to keep conversations civil and within the Forum Rules is “censorship.”

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