Censorship of English slang words

How can you be sure that every teammate is 18+? Do you all know them personally?

I work with kids. 8 to 9 years old to be specific. They say stuff that even takes my breath away. Get outta here with you gotta 18+ to say a bad word.


We speak to every member via a discord chat before they join and make it clear our alliance is 18+ and to get a feel for the person but you are correct, no way of knowing for sure but then what’s the difference from clicking a little button that says “yes I’m 18” to enter an adult site ? We make it clear there is adult language and topics and expect people to make an informed decision on whether the alliance is right for them. Anyone who lies to come into an 18+ empires alliance has probably seen a lot worse than the occasional f word :wink:


Was going to post exactly the same thing…

While I’m not against censoring “naughty” words in a general open forum like this, the whole idea that people under the age of 18 have never heard those words before is absolutely preposterous. Chat censors are not “protecting” their “precious innocent little eyes and ears” from anything that they haven’t already seen and heard a million times already.

I occasionally cuss like a sailor myself, but there are certain words I will not tolerate in my alliance (though a lot depends on context). I personally do not care if someone in my alliance says “this @#%ing titan is a @#%ing @#%@# piece of @#$%”. That type of speech I approve of. :+1:

Because: context. I think we can all agree that the titan is a @#%ing @#%@# piece of @#%, as most titans are.

Very different situation if those words are directed at another alliance member, or the words could be construed as an offensive slur against a particular group of people.

Freedom of speech, yes. But I also have freedom of kick button.


I’m not going to confirm or deny actual knowledge of this, but I’ve heard that there’s essentially a cool down period when you switch languages.

So if you want to swear in English, switch it to literally anything else, and in 24-48 hours, all of your naughty words should appear with no ****s.

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Yes, we had his discussion a while ago. New alliances were not able to. Then a few weeks after the thread we could again.
Tylersykins (see above)May be correct. But I do not know.
We had tried every language available when they set up the new alliance. So maybe it is a time thing.

We have ours set to German. Every so often I like to say *** this *** so they think I’m bilingual :joy::rofl:

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Wow…this chensorship is next level, I swear!

I copy - pasted the Mythic Titans announcement and…it censors the content :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Just got censored again by writing “… an usual …”… What the hell?! What is wrong with this censorship? Are we back to the dark ages of communism?

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