Censoring can go too far

Trying to curb language when you can just switch to Japanese and fulfill your dream of becoming a lexical sailor is just weird.

Especially since they’re going as far as scrubbing out number combinations mildly similar to not even remotely offensive terms.

But I guess they need to keep up that age rating somehow… until EU recognises it as gambling and puts it on a mandatory 18+ rating.

Wasn’t me, but others did ask. 8m glad it has worked out. My friends new alliance is also able to now speak freely.
They had tried all the foreign language tricks. Nothing works, then, All of a sudden viola!
I thank SG for clearing this up.

Whoever thought up the list is a complete 717. Next thing we’ll have calculators that don’t let you do any sum with the answer 5318008, or cars which skip the mileage 80085, just in case somebody somewhere gets offended.

(I’ve never tried any of these things by the way, honest guv)


Am I the only one amused that they make a useless “language” tag and then make it useful only to circumvent their just as useless censoring?

But actual QoL needs go unmet…

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No, it’s useful to actually find an alliance that speaks the same language as you if it’s set right. This is an actual issue for some people that don’t have a couple billion people that speak their language with some degree of proficiency.

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I can’t search alliances by the language tag, but I can read the alliance name and description – which are likely to be in the language of the alliance (which will be set to something completely different so alliance members can cuss)

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