Censoring can go too far

To be fair I’ve just been going through a bunch of lesser used curses to see what flies in chat and what doesn’t besides my usual favourites…


We just change the language to Arabic or the like :stuck_out_tongue: no censorship then :wink:

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New alliance formed, all adults, all there to have fun, and yes we tend to drink or have other fun while playing. We’ve all known each for years. I got many of them to join this game…
Now I’m embarrassed…not because of the swearing, which is never that bad to begin with, but because I’ve invited them to lay a game that treats adults like children, that makes abbreviations and quick reference terms unintelligible…
Censorship is wrong when it’s like this.
Before it worked well, the alliance leader could change the language and there was a choice.
Censorship rubs me wrong and out of all the ********** **** that has been done in the last year, this one ******* me off the most…
End of rant…and unfortunately end of my new group of players who are saying “told ya so”. Adults spend more $$
Treat people as adults.

Rant over

I still think it’s hilarious, every time I try to post in alliance chat that I’m going to “assess the enemy’s defense teams”…

It gets turned into “I’m going to *** the enemy’s defense teams”

:laughing: :rofl: :joy:

Censorship actually made it sound worse than what I was trying to say! LOL


I like the sound of that! Should be a war cry.

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Had this the other day. I ended up having to use ‘evaluate’ instead. :thinking: :laughing:

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Relevant link

In general, there is no good way to ever prevent people from using obscenities. It’s up to E&P staff to decide, how far their censorship goes into impeding communication. But since you can just change the official language to Japanese and get rid of censorship entirely, it’s kind of a moot point.

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I figured out that it censors the word “assess”, but not the word “assessment”. Evaluate is a good alternative too, though. :+1:

Except that you can no longer just change the language.Believe it must be grandfathered in. We tried. We’ve gone through every single one on the list.
It’s just irksome. In private chat being treated like a child…
Like all parts of the game, those of us left are having fun “puzzling” out how to get around it. But it slows the flow for sure, and that lessens the fun.

I hadn’t heard that it’s been changed. I wonder if other players can test this somehow. New alliances are being formed all the time so hopefully someone will report back to us.

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Exactly Free!
New alliances, 2 that I know of right now,(3 counting Free follying ‘s above) can’t have the freedom of speech between adults. That is why I came looking for info.
This thread was all I could find. I will follow up about the ticket they sent in, maybe it’s a bug?
Rarely do people I know cuss, but yes, during frustrating wars, or sometimes in excitement! Either way…adults. Treat us as such.

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No swearing seems to just be an element of our alliance. When someone does we are usually smart enough to fill in the boxes… :grinning:

We got a good case of censorship the other day.
Titan had 717 health left typed it into chat and got “*** left on titan” in game.
We still not sure why as the only thing google could tell us is 717 is a angel number of awaking.
It’s trying to tell us something


It used to allow a s s h a t even without the spaces. Funny it bans assess!

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717 bears a resemblance to the name for a certain bird, or a slang term for the secondary female sexual characteristics.


In other words, what Elena has behind her breastplate.

That level of censorship is absolutely ridiculous.


Must have worked! Last week we noticed we could again say certain words! Thank you!!!

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A blue footed booby?




Not quite…

They’re just birds…


I can’t respond to this post because it will breach the terms and conditions that I have read 23 times.

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