Cennius your opinions

Cennius your opinions and thx

If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.


Hes powerful, but not very visible in the current META mainly becuz there is extremely strong options in purple already - I would say the current most OP hero in the game is Daiochan (costume). So no whales will replace her with Cenius

But I have him at 3/70 and been testing him I would say he fires and avg of three times which is alot of dmg for average.

Compared to another great owl Timius I would say they are about equal in strength

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The OP creating multiple topics about Cennius buff :slight_smile: According to him, He is too weak :slight_smile: (actually spamming the forum )

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Ohh well, if the OP wants Cennius to be the best purple in the game then he does need a little buff.

For me, him being maybe the 4-5th best purple is good enough to bring him to 90/25 :slight_smile:

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I think his only flaw (as someone else has observed) is that he can recast on dead heroes which is a bit wasteful, but other than that he seems decent.

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Having pulled him as a f2p, here’s my €0.02:

Even more than all other owls, Cennius is massively dependent on having all stats maxed out. I mean, LB2, lv25 talents, maxed legendary troop, the works.

Other owls have secondary effects, but all Cennius has is damage - from 250 to 1000 to three targets 2-4 times.

If he wants to feel strong, he needs to do at least 750 damage per hit (which means that his attack must significantly exceed the target’s defense). Otherwise he will do less total damage than, say, Sparklight - on the same timer, with a controlled main target and with added utility.

Cennius will also not age gracefully, given the statline power creep - I expect him to tickle the state-of-the-art heroes several months ahead for 300-400 damage at identical limitbreak/talent levels.

That said, Cennius isn’t necessarily weak now, and I don’t think he strictly needs a buff.


That is a total of 5660 damage in one attack. I think he is good.

Owls are designed to become weak over time. So i wont bother much with any owls except for specialists.
Timius for buff blocking, Both the red snipers (one counterattack other mindless), Relius for revive and the Mariol for over heal and defense buff.

Why he dont have a secondry effect and news heros have more damages +1000 dont forget he is average

His secondary effect is the buff that he uses to hit 3 more times. He hits 3 for 700 to 800 each and then 2 to 3 more times. So potentially 6000 damage. That’s a lot of damage for an average card.