Cemetery Seeds, room for a few

We won another war. Used all our flags (as per usual). Have a new recruit who fits like a glove.

This is starting to be really special. Looking for a new home before war? Look no further.


New recruit here. Can recommend if your looking for a well organised, but slightly off the wall international alliance. Didn’t know how much I needed this. Lovely people… Happy!


Let this be the last war you have with your old alliance… those idle flags will bother you no more.

100% flag usage.
No zeroes on titans.

We won’t disappoint, scouts honor.

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Great place if you are looking! Grab a buddy, or three, and hit up Kalis!


Well THAT war sucked!!

Brand new war chest over here though - 0/25. Come join Cemetery Seeds and we can be disappointed together when we open our next!

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More awful than this… :thinking:

I think I saw a thread on here earlier today complaining about a “measly 50 emblems” in their war chest. You can take that photo over there miss!


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Say what now? I spy a telescope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great leader! Cares about is members and getting them at achieving greatness!

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