Cemetery Seeds, room for a few

Need just two more to make it a nice round 30.

Here’s our current titan.


This really is a supportive alliance to be in. I’ve visited and would return, if my home alliance hadn’t jammed the leave button.


Let’s bring this back up top and fill the room. Can’t wait to meet you!

Great people here…if you are looking for a place, you need to check these guys out.

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There’s a lot of truth to this! :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Take the plunge with us after this midweek war and come get some!

Bumping this for a friend


Anyone else relieved rush wars are over for a few?! Whew!

Interested in joining?

LineID: cemeteryseeds
Discord: Jiker#6758


To quote Charlie Sheen, “winning!”

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Ah, more like smashing!.
Obviously a successful alliance too. Congrats :partying_face::confetti_ball::tada:

I feel like I can fill this recruiting thread up with nothing but quotes… as Jim Breuer in Half Baked would ask:

“Who’s coming with me, man?”

We need 5 more members to complete the circuit.

If you like winning wars and smashing titans we’re the place to be. All levels welcome and I can’t stress this enough. Come grow with us - we trust the process here and enjoy the journey.


Bringing it up top.

If you’re tired of unused war flags and zeroes on titans, come give us a shout. Full participation is a way of life here.

Bump up.

If you’re browsing recruitment threads, we know you’re unhappy. You don’t have to chat, you don’t need Line or Discord, you have a life and don’t live in this game, but when you are on you want to be the best you can be and surrounded by a superb supporting cast… we are here for you.

Come join!

Back up top.


Always have room for you in here, come give a visit.

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Hey you, you just used your 6 war flags with that alliance for the last time! Come see what it’s like when everyone is on the same page.

All levels welcome, let’s do this!

Up top…

How many times have you said you were leaving after the next war and you ended up staying? You don’t have to deal with that anymore… I promise you, the grass is in fact greener.

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Let’s float it again.

Don’t feel like dealing with the nonsense again during this weekends war? Look no further than Cemetery Seeds.

Also, we do this sometimes… not sure why…

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Just cleared out some dead wood. This isn’t a duck pin bowling alley… get that stuff outta here!

We’ve got room for you in CS.

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Still looking for active daily players.

We just won our war, decisively, with 12 UNUSED flags to the other alliances zero.

Needless to say the non-participants are no longer with us.

If the sound of that entices you, we’re here and waiting for you to knock on the door.

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