Celtic Raiders welcomes new members!

We are Celtic Raiders, an alliance of 18 members as of this post. I’ve been playing over a year, made co-leaders in 7 month, currently level 55 with 6 teams of 4000 for war. Our leader and other co-leaders been playing for about 3-4 years. 6 members are our core group been together pretty much forever!! We currently have 18 members from all over the world. No cups requirements. Open alliance. All of us are free to play players.

Our score is around 100000, we are very layback, hit Titans (5*-6*)whenever we can and use most of our flags in war. My scores is consistently high enough to get nice ascension materials. I feel if we have a few more active members like myself we would have no problems taking on 8-9* Titans.

If you m.i.a more than a week let us know or get kicked out. I know that it very easy for me to jump to another alliance or to start another one but I want to make this alliance better and looking for others that like to have fun, chat a little and try to win together! Thank you for reading.

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