Celebrate with me - first maxed five-star

Been playing since September 2018. F2P all the way. So excited today about this:

This is my first maxed five-star. I know that’s a milestone for E&P players, and I’m stoked! I was also glad that the avatar for beating Atlantis hard was Poseidon. Using that as well. No doubts who is king of my roster. Just wanted to share some happy on a Monday. That is all.


Congrats, @Noble_Weasel, that’s a huge and exciting milestone!


First 5* feel like:



Wooooot congrats!! Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Well done. My first was Ares, as my defensive tank. Coincidentally, I’m also leveling the fish king right now and today’s Damascus Blade means mine will be joining yours on the coral throne very soon.


Except I hate to think of the recovery time for the injuries I would incur trying to do that. But yes, it adequately represents the emotions! :laughing:


It’s all in the stretching.

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Oh, that’s a good one, too. Very nice.

No feeling quite like putting that trident right in the heart of an opponent who is about to fire their special. If it’s a follow up to Gormek’s RP, it’s game over for that hero. Finding that 3 turns of mana shield to be more helpful than it gets credit for, too. Although most of the heroes it counters - at my level - are yellow, I still love reducing Onatel and Li Xiu to a nerfed version of Skittleskull! :smile:

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Awesome, congrats on your first 5*! My first maxed was Vivica (Thank you TC20!).


It’s a bitter sweet day for my Holy team, to be honest. My third ever 5star, Joon, once again gets passed over for Ascension. He’s been an absolutely staple on my yellow offensive team, but within a day or two, he will cede his position to King FishFork

First it was “well I have a tank and a striker, I should get a healer, and Viv got the mats. Then it was Drake is a powerhouse and blinds 3, so he’s on my new Defense team… then the intriguing Inari came along who’s whiffleball fame combines so so well with Drakes blinding game, and Joon was still pretty good at 3/70… and then Delilah popped up and she’s way better than Viv… and then last Atlantis Poseidon showed up and is poised to Ascend, and two days ago on my soul Wonderland 10 Pull Ranvir joined the squad…

The tears of Joon are real.


My first maxed 5* was Natalya. it was very satisfying.



Well, while I don’t share quite such an embarrassment of riches, I feel your pain on that yellow glut. My first-ever five-star, Onatel, was the odds on favorite for darts when I got enough, but with her stuck at 3^70 and Poseidon rising, I got to thinking, “Onatel does her mana control thing just as well at 3^70 as she would at 4^80 - albeit a bit less durably - but snipers gotta snipe, so I need Poseidon at max.” Since then, I drew Leonidas, and because my collection of monks is garbage, he went straight to my monk class trials teams (while still at 1^1!) Since he already has a role to play on my roster, he’s probably my new yellow project. And again, since his heal is based on his damage, and having read all these threads about how a lone Leonidas can still win a 3-on-1 raid defense by himself, I’m seriously thinking about what to do with the next six darts (that I don’t have!) Will Onatel get passed over again? I guess since she’s a prophetess, she already knows, but I don’t. :smile:

Oh right, I forget Onatel… who’s also 3/70

Yellow is by FAR my most heavily weighted 5* pool. I still have an additional 3 Drakes at 1/1 as well as a Musashi.

I’m right behind you — Marjana is at 4/78… Started in November 2018.

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You’re going to make it much quicker than I did. Darts and tabards have been hard to come by, where the other four-star mats have been slightly more plentiful. If I had been working on a blue hero instead of a yellow, I might have been closer to your pace. Enjoy burning your foes to a crisp! Feel free to post your celebratory screenshot here, or make a new thread. This is the kind of positivity we need on the boards!

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Congrats @Noble_Weasel

I actually finished my first 5* today as well, also King of the Fish. Started in Feb, but I’m one of those dirty P2P folks.

I have both Hel and Frida around 4/40 so they will be fast followers.

Today is Poseidon Day! So let it be written; so let it be done!

Eh, to each his or her own. My family budget makes it hard to justify spending real cash on virtual baubles, but I’ve got nothing against those who can and want to. My birthday is coming up next month. Might spend a little birthday loot on VIP. Not sure. Kinda want to see how good a lineup I can put together for free, just to prove a point to some of the folks who always whine about the game being unfair to F2P. I’ve found it to have an excellent pace for me so far. I’m hooked. Where else can I have this much fun for $0?


The happy 1st legend @tier4 :sunglasses:

Same here with Richard. He was my first iceman. Then Athena came to me, then Frida, then Misandra and now Isarnia.

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Ahahaha, I award that Bard’s Post of the Day :medal_sports:
Which I just made up


A huge congratulations! I am also a F2P, and I got my first maxed 5* just over a month ago (Vivica). The sense of accomplishment was indescribable. Keep up with the good work!


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