🎭 Cel - 5* Ice / Blue from Carnival of Gods

that is my complaint as well. it stinks when you have three stone minions on everyone and that stupid thorn minion comes and kicks one of hers off. it does barely 10% of the damage etc.

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if done correctly and you manage to get 3 minions on each hero, you get stoneskin at the start of every turn.

Getting 3 minions on each hero with a slow hero, take its time. But of course anything is possible.

Happy gaming

Provided that the enemy does not have Grimble (or only cGormek or CoD), because then the multitude of minions only helps. Therefore, the Cel is completely unsuitable for defense…

In wars I use her on defense. She is usually one of the last ones standing on both sides at the end of it all. Her defense even w/o the minions is one of the highest in my roster.

true. on map stages I usually hang out on that 2nd to last stage to make sure she has at least 2 out. in raids I typically have around 2, matching depending of course. when I get enough blue shields she makes it hard to lose.

But having 3 from this season will stop bleed. It’s why I am rushing jana for aradia and carmenta. I wish I’d gotten cel.

That seems like a viable strategy on attack… I should be doing this too😂

Bro what do you mean “poorly”?
That was a tough win for you too. The clock almost ran out on you. Yes you won this battle, but barely so. She definitely held her own.
We can just agree that you have just the right heroes to use against her and better your winning chances.
But this video definitely made me love her even more. That was far from a poor performance by Cel.

I love this heros art and she has so much potential! She’s lacking additional utility/skills for her to be competitive.

I really think she should be average and tone down the life on minions while giving them additional utility. Shame, hope SG comes around and buffs her


Did a recent update change the description on your card? Mine is still at 1-1 but says “every turns.” in the second bullet point, not “every 3 turns.”

It’s been a couple months, and I think I’m only noticing now because I finished a blue and was looking for another to level.

It’s just a visual bug

Ahhh, twenty thank you’s.

For me, this fight lasted so long because of the presence of C2Rigard, who healed well and fired up at good moments. He may only be 4*, but he can make a really big difference…

Unfortunately no… I don’t have Bera that can simply “turn off” Cel. Because of this, I sometimes had to deal less damage when I hit “stone skin”. From FS I could only choose two heroes and I chose LoLo and Grimble.

I will say straight that I consider her a solid hero and I would definitely like to have her on my team.

I simply think that she is not suitable for defense (she is too passive for a tank and too slow for another position), so I would only use her in an attacking team :wink:


I hear you mate.
Perhaps my judgement is beclouded by a lack of better options on my own roster then