🎭 Cel - 5* Ice / Blue from Carnival of Gods

I have a question about Cel and Gargoyles.

Have any of you tested if the Stoneskin from Cel’s minions overwrite the “better” stoneskin from Gargoyles?


Since I just pulled Hohenwerf from SE, I could test this.
Cel’s minion stoneskin does overwrite the gargoyles.

Here I had just fired Hohenwerf

And this was the same turn after firing Cel


Thanks alot for testing it.


Thanks for testing. A real bummer. Had hoped that both stoneskin effects would count separately or something.

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Yeah I imagined that because it happens with every buff or ailment of the same category (I found out with Gravemaker’s burn which gets erased by Zhou Yu’s minion burns)

Has anyone tried her at 3-70? What do her minions look like?

Minions have 596 health.

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My fight today shows how poorly LB2 Cel does in defense when I attacked it with heroes from the previous FS (LoLo & Grimble).

He’s not really a defensive hero…

He it’s not hero at all.

At 3-70 her minions have at least 600 health and do better damage than Freya’s and Bera’s at 4-80


I like your commentary on Cel and I would like your opinion cause I can see you know her as a character. Would you max first Cel or Lord Loki? I have both at 3/70 and trying for months to collect all the telescopes needed… I find telescopes the hardest to find from ascension materials so I need to make the right choice!

I haven’t maxed Loki yet. I just gave him the last chevron but haven’t started leveling him. I already had a double maxed Freya before I double maxed Cel. Cel’s minions are by far the highest in terms of offense and defense. if you get three of them on all 5 heroes in the right sequence, you get stone skin at the start of every turn and a minimum of 200 points damage per minion per turn on titans. My war defense team since i double maxed her gets beat in the first round, sometimes the second but its very rarely off of one flag. I recommend putting her on your fast track. I focused mine on mana and defensive nodes as much as possible. only weakness is she summons a plant minion for some off reason that kicks her stone minions off.


Generally, any minions slow down the pace of movements when beating the titan (strike animations take time).

So she is not good at defense!? thats really a bummer cause I thought I would love using her that way… being slow and all these minion dispeller character (or even worse Bera) are really an easily accessible antidote to her skill… thats sad cause I really love what she does!

she has already changed my game in quests like Avalon, towers etc. my team never gets any damage til I finish. But I mainly enjoy war attacks and want new colors in my defense (it is mainly purple red and yellow) but I guess she ll be helpful only in Rush Wars as defense. I ll have to think that out!

Already have Oniwakamaru maxed who really made my raid offenses unbeatable, but I also want a new blue option for defense!

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Defense is where she is at her best. She has been the lone hero standing for not only my squad but my entire group in wars sometimes. You have to put her in as tank though. At least for me, I do. I have Haulstone and Khufu right next to her and then a few others in the wings. She is easily the strongest defensive character in my roster and her overall score thing is the highest. I use her offense and defense but haven’t faced her in defense that I can recall (outside of the event she is featured in).


And you will not find, she it’s the worst form all Gods.

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Use cel + waterpipe on rush & win

Thats a nice combination - best use of cel

Waterpipe is one of the minion summoners I dont have but he is a toughie. I keep all my mana stealers on him until ALucar and/or Khufu can take him out

I wish her minions blocked status effects as well. If you have a minion you cant get bleed, poison etc.

I wish she didnt summon a thorn minion. It hurts her in the long run. Wish she got paladin, being a slow hero, it would be good for her to take less damage.