🎭 Cel - 5* Ice / Blue from Carnival of Gods

I used Cel, Hemdoll and Khufu along with Joon and Domita on the wings during that Dantes thing. At one point I had three minions on everyone, spaced out so that everyone had Stoneskin at the start of every turn. Khufu had like 5000 in energy at one point and everyone else was similarly charged. She isn’t even fully leveled yet. I plan on double limit breaking her in time though


I used her against a red titan. had three minions on all 5 heroes. It was fun to watch each minion grab about 300 damage points every time. 4500 damage points each turn just from that. I’ve had her be the last hero left on a team in a raid and win as well. She can do damage if used properly but her defensive abilities are her game changer.


I have Cel double limit broke. I couldn’t be happier. Haven’t really tried too hard. Just left my team as is and hit 3 in a row that i was matched up in raids. Considering my troops aren’t great…ill provide a few screen shots. Got me top 600. Granted my usual team has gotten me ranked 24 but that’s my best so far. Im nobody special and im certainly not in an alliance that’s ranked up there at all.

I’d recommend Cel especially if you have other heroes in that family. With a good board Cel is amazing.


I get her to cast 2-3 times minimum in most raids (assuming the blue shields show up of course). on the maps, I can get her to 3 easily before the final level w/o using blue juice

Nobody special but you have got some of the most OP-heroes in the game in one team… :joy: Cel will of course shine there. No offense! :pray:


I can make her to cast 10 times in the map, give us at least pictures on the against who you fight, if it’s not against slow heroes I don’t believe you, this it’s for offense for defense I have fond some of her in raids in every position and it’s was to fight against 4 heros opponent.

I usually don’t see the point of making her cast more than 3 times unless the minions are destroyed. This is her before she was even fully leveled. I have the blue juice in the inventory but did not use it.

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I would agree with this. the stoneskin is the first attack then the minion. I’d also make her average not slow but otherwise I think she is a powerful defense.

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and here’s her in a recent raid

You need a really good board to be able to cast so many slow heroes, without enemy punishing you first :slight_smile:

Its certain, that Cel needs to be buffed, to be more in line with other newly released heroes.

Compared to similar slow minion heroes like Toto, Cao Cao and Noor, she has atleast 1 skill or 2 skills less than all other older heroes… Even Noor got a buff later, giving her an extra skill of healing…

I would give Cell another skill of mana gain to allies or stronger mana gain to herself or buff her to average speed without extra skill, or give her dispell + immunity to minion removal.


Just poor question it’s was all heros slow in this picture?

I don’t have too many issues with it. With raids, I usually pair her, Khufu, Roughian and Heimdoll with a floating 5th depending on the team. Her base defense is one of the strongest on my roster so I have no issues with her surviving.

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depends on the picture. on the map, I pair her with Khufu, Heimdol, Joon and Konshu. so two fast and three slow. on raids, I usually replace Konshu with Roughian who has mana boost ability and the 5th is dependent on the opponent (i.e. minion summoner or counter attacker etc). The other day I fought a team with a Khufu who went off when there were 2 minions per hero and stoneskin and it was like he wasn’t even there. Then my Khufu went off and he really wasn’t there.

Most annoying thing about Cel (or Freya for that matter) is that they are Druid class. So that means you get that silly thorn minion with barely half the damage appearing and kicking one of your powerful minions off. They should program the thorn minion not to randomly appear if the hero already has three more powerful minions


But I find a lot of minions on titans slows down your ability to move tiles and fire specials.

In the last few seconds of a titan, when you’ve got a great move to make but those slowly ticking off minions eat the remaining time … maddening.

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pros and cons I suppose. I have two titan teams with minion summoners on it. Freya and Cel for purple and blue. Both of them do immense damage. Freya does around 200 per minion and Cel like 300-350. If all 5 heroes have 3 minions thats 15 times per go around. I’m still mid card when it comes to my roster though so perhaps if you are upper tier and have heavier hitters than I do the minion summoners don’t make as much sense. But when I hit over 100k on blue or purple its when I have had at least 2 minions per hero for the bulk of the round.

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I maxed mine out last week. In the last two wars my team was one of a handful on our side that was left standing. She was one of the heroes left. Other team was able to take my team out once. once the board was reset it was a no go. Granted we are nowhere near the top 1 million in teams, but still. On offense, especially on the maps etc. where you have like 5+ stages she makes my team all but untouchable. If you time your minion releases right then you will get stoneskin at the start of each turn.

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For RAiDs / War…… Cel becomes extremely powerful on a defence team being used against lower level players who have limited roster options…

I have faced Cel & remove her very easily. Yes, those minions are irritating, but minion killers take care of that….& then rest of the team negates things.

  • I have had one frustrating experience, but then I lazily took the wrong team…. So fleed & came back with the team with Lunar / minion killers & ended it quickly.
  • Roster options are the key.
  • If one gets a BS board…then any hero become powerful….

However, till it is working for you, enjoy it….that all that counts….forget what others say…. Congrats :tada: on getting Cel !

Cheers !


I have found her a couple of times, if she was at least average maybe she will be better but like slow she it’s just…

I understand totally. I was just posting random raids that were tossed my way and the teams thrown at me weren’t exactly easy. Some were ranked higher than me that i had posted i won against. I didn’t reroll those raids. They were the 3 that i was given. I agree with you though i cannot disagree that my team has top heroes along side helping. I don’t take offense. I will say that after using cel for some time i can’t count on her on defense at slow. If i replace with hathor i am actually better off. Cel is great to get through levels on auto play as most would already know. Good luck getting her if you are wanting her. I enjoy her.

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