🏰 Cecilia – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

That is really interesting. Also pulled Raleigh, Yona and Cecilia. Lol.

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Perhaps not the uber-strongest hero in the era of having a special skill with 5 things+multiple passives, but a solid hero whose mechanics I understand (looking at you Atwood). No Bastest for me, so she’s a great compliment to my roster.

I absolutely love the art of all CoK heroes and this is the portal I save for (and tend to be my picks in Fated Summon or Soul Exchange). So, so happy I got this beautiful card to round out the Stag family.

Haven’t been as blessed with bears, especially now that Winnie got the buff, but Torben is a blast.

And the Ravens and Wolves. Remember when I got Quenell- she’s was a game-changer for me when paired with Evelyn. Ludwig has aged very well.


M Boedel

Yes, i love her too. I have Bastet and can certainty do with another dodger. I am always amazed about the number of negative posts from folks who haven’t got her or/and haven’t maxed her.

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I think we might see them add a second passive to the new heroes like they did with a few other heroes from the portal not too long ago…

Would make them closer to other new heroes released of late


@PlayForFun Can we add a Hero Balance Discussion for her? After watching @dansing video of her on youtube, she’s in desperate need of a buff IMHO.


Here is it for you:


Cecilia is looking good, is not she ?// Artwork is rather atractive and amazing!! Stats are newest, and balanced!!


I have her too and I am still trying to figure out who she belongs with on a team XDDDD

Ive just took Cecila to 4/80 but now in a dilemma.

I have Bastet at 4/85 with 20 blems. They are very similar. Is it worth taking Cecilia to 85 or 90 if I have Bastet?

I have Hunter sitting idle waiting for materials. He would appear to be much better hero. Do I leave Cecila at 80 and just work on Hunter?

how about remove Bastet emblems for her?


I would wait for a while. They’ll release costume for Bastet and by then C.Bastet will outclass Cecilia with 3 passives and slightly better stats. Maybe you’ll be lucky to pull her. :slight_smile:

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Prospero, i am in exactly the same situation. I have Bastet at 485 and have stopped Cecilia at 461. I got Deadboot and Medea shortly after Cecilia (and after no purples for 2 years) and they just seemed to be the better heroes. Tbh, had i known I’d get some really good purples, i would not have given mats to Ceciiia, but que sera, sera. So, in your situation I’d do Hunter and wait before investing more into Cecilia.

Yeah I stopped her at 4/80.

I have plenty of ranger blems so i will add them slowly when i have food surplus.

Hunter is getting the feeders until I get him to 90.

Then will probably finish Toon Cyp and then go back to Cecilia. Her stats are higher than Bastets so her damage should be better, plus the heal. Worth finishing at some point but not right now.

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