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The inventory section has changed. Emblems are separate from the “utility” items.


I’ve noticed a couple small changes I dont like.

  1. When you go to level up a hero it starts off in the middle of your roster and not the bottom near your feeders like it used to. Now you have to scroll down again.
  2. When you’re in the level up page

    Now you have to hit the X twice before you can switch to another hero because after you do it the first time you still get this

    Don’t see the point in adding this. I usually blaze through feeding my heroes and this just slows the process.

Agree with you you @JLB_ep, those two changes plus the removal of the free summons count from the castle screen are super annoying.


Agree that lvling part is annoying…
The portal not so much as i’m always checking it anyway :joy:.
the new tab for emblems looks fine to me.


The very first change I’ve noticed, was before opening the game, because the icon was gone. I had to go to applications and drag it again on the screen.

Ah that’s why.
I already found it strange it was not at the lower end anymore.
And having only 6 free spots in the roster makes that when I empty the TC’s it will be a lot more scrolling than it used to be.
For me personally this is not an upgrade but downgrade.

I am also missing the counter. Now I have to go and check in the portal if there is any silver coins I missed, if my daily summon is available or not?
Ergo more clicking and navigating as well.
Now you need to go to portal, click the portal that mentions FREE and very small there is somewhere written how many coins you have. So again personally this feels as a step back instead of making life of us easier.


i think that would be nice to go to the first unlocked (available to be fed) hero


I cannot upgrade stronghold to 22lvl in version 23.0 (iOS)

You can’t do until everyone has the upgrade got via Playstore or Appstore

The summon portal doesn’t show anymore the amount of free summons you’ve collected



Thank you for confirming this. I thought I was imagining things. And I don’t find either of the changes to be constructive.

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@_John_Doe What changed with color blind mode?

No one can until everyone has the update

Hmm, my advanced farm will take 1d12h to upgrade, do you think SH22 will be available before then?

Another small change I noticed was the link icon from Wilbur changed a little bit when his special is applied.

I will also add I really dislike having to hit the “X” on the hero after leveling. Adds an extra step and forces me to use two hands or change hands when switching to a different hero to level.


Mostly it roughly 1 week between introduction and ‘going live’.
Sometimes a bit shorter or longer, but I would take that risk. Worst case is that you start 2 hours late with stronghold…


Mostly they are waiting for distribution of both operating system (IoS and Androd).
And again mostly it would be available on Monday 10 AM (GMT+3) , this is just my guess not the official timing of SG.


Yep my heart skipped a beat thought I’d lost them all :grin:

you have a checkbox now if you want lower left symbol near tile

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yup. thats why the pic in post1

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