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You’re not the only one seeing it. I am beginning to think that there were some considerable changes made to the interface to speed up game play. This is a definite example of it. A similar one is where collecting all of your food from farms makes the food counter update unpredictably, but accurately. Another one that has stood out to me is when raiding against a team with Margaret on it. She has a lengthy animation on her special. If she fires her special on the same turn that someone has a slash attack, the hero will perform the slash attack before her special animation finishes. Unfortunately, it looks like things aren’t in sync. In order, but not in sync.

Related, I’m pretty sure that I was fighting a boss and its turn counter updated to S, but it didn’t use its special on the following turn. Maybe it updated to 5 and my vision wasn’t clear, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, especially since the mana bar was full, which is a more obvious indication.

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I was thinking the same. I’ve noticed sometimes when firing off a special the animation seems to come in two stages: first a flash/jump of the hero at the bottom, then a short but noticeable pause, then the actual animation of <whatever> flying up and hitting the enemy. It isn’t consistent at all. Not sure it makes anything faster, just looks out of sync.

It’s possible that the actual change is just something that is putting too much strain on my ancient cheapo phone though, causing it to pause and stutter even more than usual.

I was late collecting daily summon yesterday. The timer to the next free summon only started after I collected. Pretty sure it was always at the same time before. Now it seems to be a 23 hour countdown from collection

No that’s not correct. It has always been a 23 hours period in between daily summons and you had to collect it to start the timer.

I’ve spotted a change during reaching a max level for an Ascension tier. I leveled Chao to 3.60 and I could only feed him 1 hero and then he reached the max cap. It doesn’t allow to overfeed anymore :slight_smile:

If your Chao’s special skill was maxed, this is not new: The only time the game allowed overfeed, was when it meant an improved chance of raising special skill.

If your Chao’s special skill wasn’t maxed, this is … good news, I guess. As long as we can still overfeed once maxed on the final tier. :slight_smile:

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This is actually very helpful when power leveling/ speed leveling / instamaxing 1x to 15x heroes.

(Power Leveling - How To (aka Speed Leveling, aka Instamaxing))

Especially 1* heroes were Extra fast training ( RT19 ) makes it very practical to save 4x dupes for +100% skill roll.

Full disclosure, I have 50+ extra roster spaces for collecting finished heroes from camps. Finally went through and got rid of 4* heroes I was saving for Hero Academy after seeing how RNG heavy Alchemy Lab turned out.

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I read this over a few times and I just dont understand what you’re saying. Sorry about that but I’m glad at least it’s useful for somebody because its driving me crazy

I noticed them just by doing stuff. I like they finally added the family option for sorting. Makes leveling and finding the Atlantis and other seasonal/monthly event heroes a lot easier. I like how they changed the look of the shared damage buff. It actually stands out more on a majority of the heroes. And I am happy the emblems got separated from the coins and tokens for their own tabs. Just wish the reset emblems were still at the top instead of being buried at the bottom.

You’re right, he was maxed so nothing new here. Didn’t pay attention to this matter before but after I overfed a Sonya which I still regret because two innocent trainer heroes were included, I started to be more attentive

Yes I added the words “Burn” and “Poison” to my Rosters.

And yes, there are no words added to the special damage that Sand Heroes deal and for the damage that Vampire Heroes deal.

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The list of fire heroes isn’t clickable anymore

Ever since the update my raid tournament rules have been significantly less enjoyable…

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Works fine for me…

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Yeah works now for me too. Don’t know why it didn’t earlier

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Has anybody noticed that if you click too fast while collecting resources from your farms / mines that it doesn’t add the resources to your storage? So when I click the first one, say my ham goes from 1,180 to 1,200K, and I click the second farm immediately after and the storage number doesn’t change (stays at 1,200K). Somebody else in my Alliance noted the same thing today so I figured I’d mention it.

Yeah you can also check at the bugs section there is a thread for the problem.I had the same problem and i made a ticket to contact SG.Their response was that this is a visual bug and they are looking for solution.In classic sg fashion after every update…no hard feelings but its a bit odd that a multi million dollar company has so many bugs after every update.Test before release jesus…lol sorry for my rant i had to say it.TEST

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What I’m seeing here is that when I trigger the ghosting of some tiles, the heroes that will be affected immediately jump in mana. Then it goes away, then when the board finally resolves the end of the tile move, then the mana is back. It’s confusing, for awhile I kept thinking that I was completely missing heroes being charged up. Appears to only be visual. Do not like.

Edit: Although, I did notice a couple raids recently where my Alasie and Sonya/Magni did not charge equally. There were no mana slows on the opponent’s board or debuffs showing. I will keep watching.


So then we’re seein the same

Sucks regardless but better only visual than the alternative

Thanks to E&P to reverse this change :clap::clap::clap:


It looks like SG has removed that extra pitstop at the hero’s card when you finish leveling someone. Glad they responded to the pleas.

Edit: looks like they fixed the collection counter too.

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