CCW DESPERATE recruitment

Coffee,Cigarettes&Wine is an international alliance looking for some fresh blood to liven us up.
All level ACTIVE players are welcome!
We have the basic rules-

  • hit the titan when online
  • war optional/ when opted in use all 6 flags.
    We serve coffee with whipped cream for uage,wine/whiskey for adults and some occasional blood when the leader blows up.
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Come check us out.I won’t bite :wink:

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I’m not looking for an alliance currently, I already run my own ship (that is always well stocked with coffee, cigarettes and some form of alcohol)…

Just liked your name and your general attitude, so have a free bump. :+1:

Suggestion: potential recruits may want to know how many members you have or what level titans you’re fighting, just for general reference. :wink:

Lol thank you :blush:
I’m all in for free bumps,hugs and any form of alcohol right now :joy:

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We have 22 members.Some newbies and quite a lot of oldies. Hitting 7* titans.
You can drop by and have a look around, we don’t mind :wink:

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Thanks for the offer! We currently have 20 members of our own though, hitting 8* titans.

Similar to your own, some newbies and some oldies. :wink:

Good luck with your recruiting though! And also in your war! :+1:


EDIT: oh and don’t worry, I won’t steal recruits from you. My alliance is private and by invite only. So anyone who is looking for an alliance of our size and level should join yours, as mine is closed.

Down to 6* titans.More than enough open spots. Required trophies 1000.
And we like wars :grin:

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