Catch Titan / have an Alliance Pet/ Titan - for use in Alliance War/ vs. titans

Alliances can use special tools to actually catch titans for alliance/war efforts. Just like there are arrow barrage and healing allowed in war, would be great to have alliances have a pet titan that could assist to alliance wars. Maybe it will be a different titan assist for each titan captured? Alliance can all participate in the growth of the alliance titan pet. Level the titan up and development it’s skills like our heroes.


I’ve moved your thread over to #ideas-feature-requests and updated the title a little bit for clarity.

From what I understand you’re wanting to add a feature to the game which is an “alliance pet” or “alliance titan”

The power of this titan can be increased by alliance teamwork (maybe donating food etc…?)

This pet/ titan then assists and plays into the Alliance Wars etc…?

That would be awesome actually. I think it’s a great idea.

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