Casually competitive team welcomes like-minded people

Hi! We are Greta van Fleet, casual but active folks with a competitive spirit. The ally’s core consists of 1800-2400 trophy players (around 5+ 80s, 20+ 70s), which have great knowledge of many parts of the game, from base and team building to Titans and pvp which we would love to share as well as learn from you.

We value and expect active participation but do not believe in hard requirements on team strength, activeness or such and welcome everyone who is willing to learn, grow and have fun together. Our core players use all the flags in Titans and wars and combined with your contributions we could quickly grow further. We are fighting 6-7* Titans and we love strategizing for Wars in order to take advantage of our strengths and surprise our opponents.

We would be delighted to have you on board and explore all the possibilities this game provides as a strong and solid team.

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Looking for relaxed people who also love to go HAM when it matters? Look no further and come on board :wink:

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Pic says something different. Is this intentional?(already think it is but just figured i would confirm)

Good band btw, can’t go wrong with modern Zeppelin

Hah, that’s definitely autocorrect induced typo, though Great van Fleet sounded even better :laughing: Fixed anyway, ty!

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We offer a relaxing atmosphere, already knowledgeable but willing to learn teammates and an ability to shape the alliance’s strategy and future. If that sounds exciting we’ll be glad to welcome you!

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