Casual Weapons ⚔

:crossed_swords: Casual Weapons :crossed_swords:

New Alliance with core of 20 longtime teammates! Looking for level 30+ players.

Players are active most days and love loot. War participation is encouraged but not required. We are casual but we like to win!

:crossed_swords: Join a great group of friends! :crossed_swords:

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Rare opening as of May 13! We are looking for one new friend… level 30+… please join us! :crossed_swords:

Recruiting for level 30+ player. New opening as of Sep 3. Come join us – Casual Weapons! :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

As of Oct 15, recruiting level 30+ player. Fun group of players! Join us! :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords:

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Great group of friends

As of Nov 7, recruiting level one 35+ player. Fun group of players! Join us! :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords:

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