Casual Weapons - Level 50+ ⚔

:crossed_swords: Casual Weapons :crossed_swords:

Alliance with strong core of level 50+ players. If you are a fun level 50+/60+/70+ and casually competitive, please join us.

Players are active daily and love loot. War participation is encouraged but not required. We are casual but we like to win!

:crossed_swords: Join a great group of friends! :crossed_swords:

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Be our 20th level 50+ player. Come join a great group of players and bring your weapon! :crossed_swords:

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Great group of friends

Looking level 50/60/70 players. Active daily. Wars optional but most participate. As of Sep 20, 2020, we have 2 openings. Be our 20th level 50+ player. Join a friendly group and bring your weapons! :crossed_swords:

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