Casual to Semi-serious player - how to fix team

How are you?
So, I downloaded this game about two weeks ago and only played it about twice a week.This game is growing on me and I am now getting as serious as one can get playing a mobile game haha
My team now is
Tiburtus 4* Lvl 24
Chao 4* Lvl 23
Thorne 5* Lvl 21
Brienne 3* Lvl 13
Colen 4* Lvl 15

I’ve been holding out for a better green and red hero but are there any other things I should keep in mind? My training center is only 7 so I am saving to upgrade that and stronghold.
What would you recommend in general for a player transitioning from casual to serious?

You have a good alliance that’s 100% active and competitve with veteran players to help with advice? To me that is a huge help if you’re wanting to be competitve and not trip over yourself with bad decisions throughout the game

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I joined a ‘hobby’ alliance at first, but I will definitely look into more competitive alliances. Thank you.

There is an alliance recruitment category on here that is typically filled with good alliances looking for new faces, AR is also a good place to look in game. Be sure to look at alliance score and activity level of all 29 members in the alliance, make sure you note player levels and hero progress as well. All can tell you more about a player than cup counts

There is also a thread on there for teaching alliances, who make coaching up new players a main focus. I’m sure you can find one there that suits you, and if the first one doesn’t, you can always try again.

This great thread, right here :blush:

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