Castle screenshot in Options

I wish to have the chance of taking a whole Castell & Lands screenshot without icons and timers, just the landscape at the max resolution in which I can see details. The feature could pe presented into Menu – Options – Landscape Screenshot. It might costs 1 gem for each shot.

Moreover, the screenshot should be downloaded into a PNG and not into a JPG and into internal meta-data of the PNG the {name of login, level, time and data}. These datas could be used also to create the name of the PNG file. For example:


Thank you, R.

For what? Don’t see the benefit…

Are u a game developer and want to create rip off game :rofl: just kidding

Press any building until you switched to move building mode. There u can see the land without icon.

Use ipad for wider screenshot

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Nope, I want a screenshot with all the building and I want to take it every week to see the progresses and use it as background for my own phone. I am not a game developer, but games theory has some attach with what I am doing.

Why, for what, which benefit? Throphy and engagement about castle progressing.

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So it is not enough for your to zoom out?

Eh if it’s a cosmetic change/extra and doesnt harm gameplay, i have no issue with it.

They did it for heros, I’m sure the same could be done for the base

Will i have any use for it? No. Do i see a reason not to do it? No as I’m sure it may not take much effort to do if it’s as simple as it sounds(not a developer or tech guy of any kind so good possibility I’m full of :poop: )

perhaps you will find something useful here and take that as a preformated picture for your project :wink:

I suggest this one:


i really like this idea, in my alliance we are used to recuit new players. it will be reallly cool if the new guys can just send a complete pic of their base to our group, to see the level of their buildings and guide them/check progress.

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Would you have paid 1 gem for using an automated screenshot function into Option Menu? I mean to have:

  1. the whole screenshot without the bars/times
  2. the whole screenshot at higher resolution

Would you like to pay another gems? I mean to have:

  1. your heroes card collection into an image
  2. those heroes arranged as you choose the team with the stats of all the teams, each

Would you like to pay another gem? I mean to have:

  1. a certificate of participation with your heroes stats and current achievement
  2. with all the stats achievements about the ally you are in

Would you pay another 1 gems? I mean to have a zip file with:

  1. all the stuff above that you can share on social networks like Facebook
  2. all the stuff above into a single high-res PDF that you can keep or share via mail
  3. stats about your achievements and progression into a chart with a summary
  4. all the stats into a CSV file that you can import in Excel

Would you pay 10 gems per month for having the full package each week? This is the point, my friend. However, I wish to have the chance to collect stats (no images) into CSV for free and possibly receiving it via e-mail (optional).

P.S.: the PDF cryptographically signed by the Game Editor in such a way it could not be modifiable and certify your achievements and results. Obviously, the editor should offer a way to indipendently verify the signature like CA/https or PGP and offer a web page to upload the PDF and check the authenticity. Technically speaking that PDF would be a legally valid document.

if you and another 5000 (at least) pay 10$ per month then SG will bother do what you ask…

imo too many resources and too much time wasted for a non-practical “feature” - if I can call it a feature…

p.s. I wouldnt pay 1 gem for something I can do myself :slight_smile:

you do realize its just a game, that can end tomorrow, right?

Not pratical feature? Professional game players need two things:

  • verify by stats their progression
  • certify their archievements

And professional game players are spending a lot of money in this kind of game.

Affectionate hobbyist player may like to access this feature time by time.

lol. This is not starcraft or ow to make money by massmedia…

you are making too big of a deal for a phone game… and apparently im caught in this too…

hope you get your wish, even though i highly doubt it

Did you realise that this game has 1.5mln profiles? And for sure more than 1mln active because you can easily check when you open an account to be around 1.4mln in the bottom and after 2 weeks 1.3mln. Even those quit the game after some time, would be half a million, there are still a million of players.

I like your enthusiasm :slight_smile:
I just saw you have joined the forum on January 9th. So, I’ll give you a couple of months to get accustomed to the game :slight_smile:

False, it is possible to play this game also by advanced tablets or into a PC/notebooks with a quite standard android emulation suite.

Producing images are quite easy. Producing stats into a CSV is quite immediate. Producing a PDF cryptographically signed is straightforward soon they have a PDF layout which a library will fill up with script and SQL calls.

My learning curve is quite step in anything I did.

Hower, I spent my last 30 years into Information Technology and Business. So, I am speaking about things that I know pretty well (or at least I knew pretty well about what I was doing in the past). Obviously, I do not know how this game is developed.

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Down with stitching

Or just share it on social media.

Niantic’s Ingress Let’s you take a profile shot and share it on social media or save it to your camera roll or both instead of loading 3-5 screen shots into a graphic program and stitching them together.

Base photos

I hate having to load my base screen shots into a graphic program to stitch them together.

I will not use a vote, but +10 likes.

Im a methodical guy, I complicate things, I bring my knowledge for a statistical/analitical pov and try to make this game efficient for me. I see you are somewhat the same.

I managed to temper myself in the last months… and not to complicate things too much. i hope :smile:

so my friendly advice, try to take it easy :slight_smile:

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I take it easy but I am compulsive about stats… :joy:

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