Castle decoration

I really like Halloween decorations for castle. Looks awesome with that moon. And pity that it’s only for two weeks. Maybe let players to choose between decorations ordinary/Halloween/Sand empire etc ( maybe for money). I personally will be really excited to get this Halloween decorations permanently, not only for two weeks.

I agree! It will be excelent to have a castle in one of special event decorations or maybe elemental decorations like dark or ice or other :sunglasses:


I’ve only. Even playing for 3 months, but with us having to spend so much time looking at the castles and grounds, a little seasonal changes really nice. I so love this Halloween look! Thanks to sgg!

It could be done.
But this will not let you feel the happeness of having the upcoming events.
My only oppinion

Maybe. But ordinary decorations are so neutral and in some case boring. And this Halloween decorations with their mood is much better. Maybe will be better if ordinary decorations have some RNG variations like weather or seasons of year. I play from May and little overfeed with that neutral castle decorations which I see much of time (between stages, building, camps and crafting etc), not so say castle decorations it’s first thing which I see when going online.

Your base people now are zombies dude!!
Try to press on them.
Not wave no matter what.
I like normal people … lets me feel a king when they stop and cheer for me lol


I know that. But I don’t mind lol. That bats flying near the moon is compensated all. Lol

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Hi I tried to advise if the we see more darkness in the Halloween event :slight_smile:
The castle still has lights
Just an Idea to give more scary effect to be more attractive to the Halloween

That would be a great idea @anon39993326

People may not wave, but the pumpkins are so cool! Jumping jack-o-lanterns are a fair exchange for a couple of weeks. Lol

Noticed … but a jumping pumpkin wont make me feel royality … xD

Hello Empires Team,

Let share something with you the Jumping

Pumpkin is under the estimation for this design, we expect something more attractive.

Millions of people playing this game from a different ages not only ages also the category, I mean Doctors, Engineers so and so.

When you decided to impress them you and attracting them to keep playing and spending in this game you have to do something to get them.

Design, tools, color, sometimes gift away.

Anyhow in my mind lots of things, but main thing I was say is the Halloween should different in the appearance the castle more dark and the pumpkin more lights for example…

Try to find something different.

Best Regards

Eng. Wail Albirouti

Super grateful for the Halloween skin and sugar skull design on app file. I love this idea but maybe a little more customization. Sometimes I end up with more food sometimes iron that I can’t spend without troops or crafting materials. I think it would be a fresh breath of air if we could use extra food/iron towards buying different skins and decorations. Maybe even add skins for events as a new lower rank reward.

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I think the Halloween ambience was done very well and it is my favorite Empires season. I don’t need my stronghold to be scary. I find the pumpkins, the tree lights, bats, full moon and the fog to be very atmospheric, yet there are people that are not partial to Halloween, so better to not overdo the ‘decorating’.

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Its a cultuer thing, as you know Dr. Wael Arab countries/people know nothing about Halloween it self. So they wouldn’t care about changes as if its about how the look of lets say USA players about Halloween.
What you may not like … could be greatness for others.

For the right amount of gems to buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mabye instead of the event specific ones they could do other special ones to buy… that way people still get the excitement of loading their game and seeing the game change.

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Liked the beach balls few months ago, now absolutely LOVE Halloween decorations.
I guess it would be a nice idea being able to customize a little your own castle and base.

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So Halloween is ended and ordinary castle theme is returned, which make me miss Halloween theme even more. Pity…

Voted for this

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