It doesn’t take long for the top players to copy cat each other when a new game exploit is discovered. Yep, Sif as a tank tuck back in the middle of the “2 front, 3 back” formation now makes her an ALL ALLIES counter attacker - not “nearby” (or 3 hero buff) as intended.

Of course the attacking side allows 3-hitters to be ALL HITTERS if targeting the tank on the same formation.

My point is that these formations inadvertently make certain heroes stronger and not technically correct (nor fair in some cases) in their description.

Just like when Tell/Vela became a problem and everyone had very similar setups - You’re most likely creating another issue that will inevitably lose you more of your player base SGG.

Creating fast OP all-hitters like Frigg and Odin (not to mention the dodge-crazed ninjas) back in S3 was already a slap in the face to the Tell/Vela nerf and the $$$ long-time pay players spent to compete. Another unbalanced and unfair advantage has been created. Was this not discussed in beta? I’m generally curious. Not really frustrated. I’d be happy if I had Sif, but I’m a 4+ year E&P player that is now F2P

Asking for a friend LOL


This is not a bug, but a feature. They want you to buy those heroes whom you had previously ignored.
So they’re making them OP. It changes the meta - hence if you’re a competitive player you must spend money to compete.
I’m F2P myself don’t really care too for the PvP/War. The campaigns and events are fun - so farm, grow, and play once in a while in PvP/War for fun. No need to make it a day job.


One of the reasons I went F2P is because of the board nerfs. They’ve become so bad that defeats in war battles are usually because I couldn’t even fire off any specials - due to no tiles of the colors I brought in! And no I don’t mono :smile: which makes the frustration even more ridiculous. Then you try rainbow and you’re underpowered. The game has become so unbalanced its just a slot machine now.


some heroes shine in the new formations both for attack AND defense.

sure sif is more powerful but so is your attack team if you use heroes who benefit against that formation. There are many counters to sif specifically like malosi, domitia, sabina/costume, any general dispeller, buff blocker or mana controllers.


I don’t mono because it’s easy. I like a challenge and to play around with hero synergies. You should try it sometime and learn how to play with skill and how to spell.

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I keep forgetting about my Malosi :+1: Thanks for the reminder! However the heroes should reflect (no pun intended LOL) their descriptions and original specials IMO - or buff other heroes to compensate for the now unfair advantage - but yes, this game is designed to make money and not necessarily a fair fight. So it’s whatever :smile:

You need to play it to your advantage when it comes to these boards. Yes, sif in the middle is really powerful for support but middle heroes in doubles are extremely liable to skills that usually deal splash damage.

The description is correct. It’s just that in the double and reverse double formations every other position is nearby to the center. It also means that splash hitters hit all when you hit the center opponent with your hit 3 hero. It also means a hero like Mist can shut down all five opponents by hitting the center.


There are both upside and downside of that. The formation also make them vulnerable to enemy that hit nearby.

Besides, it only apply to non-competitive raid, not the raid tournaments or AW.

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Ha ha… “play with skill” haha… you’re funny :rofl:

I see your woes with defensive Sif and raise you my offensive Mist, who:

  • Is a star lower
  • Is a step faster
  • Also applies to all five in this setup
  • Prevents Sif from applying a single effect
  • Also does about 3 other useful things in the meantime

I could also raise you my Ametrine, whose double charge (same speed as Average) entirely negates everything Sif does, and also shaves 1/3 off each health bar.

Sure, working the boards is a pretty skill-capped activity, but hero choice for any specific setup is very definitely an avenue for skill expression.


Add Proteus, to prevent all of them gaining mana.

I just went back to f2p because of how ridiculous it is to keep up when not spending money

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After the global beta, a thread was created to see whether players want to see it return back again for regular raids:

Whether OP participated in the polls or not (if he did and voted in favor for the permanent return of the alternative raid formation, this thread would be ironic), it is irrelevant since most who joined the polls favor its return only in regular raiding. Most players (of forum users approve of it knowing well the repercussions on some heroes attack and defense capabilities. Whether it was discussed or not in beta, that poll already concludes such discussion. And it was finally implemented.

In my view, those heroes that affect only themselves and nearby got buffed on double and double reverse defense formation, and only in those formations. The thing is, it evens out with the attacker also possibly exploiting the so-called buff.

Maybe the issue lies not on Siff or other heroes on defense that affect themselves and nearby, but on your attack strategy. You want a challenge, then face the challenge as it is. Don’t ask for “correcting” heroes that affect themselves and nearby just for you to win easy that challenge. If you find mono able to win such raid defenses, then go mono since you yourself said that this would be easy. It appears that the problem is of your own making.


A very effective combination VS 2-3 or 3-2 formation is BT(att up all), Gormek (def down target and nearby), G.Falcon (elemental def down target and nearby), Khagan(dmg target and nearby) and debuffer of your choise(unfortunatly I dont have red debuffer if there is red one, so i use Scarlet for att down target and nearby). If they all fire (Khagan is slow), nothing on the other side is left standing, no matter the colors of center (of course is excellent vs green)

Sif can be very effective in reverse double, but there’s lots of ways to counter her… if it were only her to worry about, it wouldn’t be much of a problem… unfortunately she’s got lots of funny friends around, usually… like Krampus, Elizabeth, c.Kadilen, Cobalt and more… none of them a menace on their own… well… except Cobalt, perhaps… but when they gather around Sif, things often get out of hand…


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