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Would he get a new emoji out of it though? Otherwise, he may not bother …


I’m guessing they got the 43 from something like this:

Rare quests every 7-10 days, which works out to an average of every 8.5 days. 365/8.5 rounds up to 43.

Could be argued that we’ve been getting rare quests every week, minus challenge weeks. But SG never changed the official time frame from every 7-10 days…

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It is a lot closer to regularity than I thought. Most months have 4, so yeah it is more than 43 per year.

I still don’t like Wednesdays :rofl:

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I don’t understand this focus on Atlantis Rising. Season 3 and 4 also have a stamina discount. And frankly I don’t care enough to hunt for rare monsters that much. The time commitment for it is too great. If I have spare energy I autoplay some stages those days while watching a tv series. Not using flasks for it.

I prefer Sunday. I can look at it after I’ve done my war hits. And finish the rest of it on Monday which typically has less important things to do.

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The focus on AR is the double resources you get during that event only. So, everyone farms for backpacks and other mats they need for the rest of the month during that two day period…

That being said, I still prefer Monday as the quest day, because it works best with my schedule. And AR is only once a month, and I’ve always got plenty of flasks.

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you get extra crafting items… so the more you do it… the more mana pots and healing pots, and all that you can build. Underwild and val don’t have that bonus… but I farm all 3… usually 20 flasks for atlantis… 10 for under/val.

There’s only one Wednesday. :smirk:


So thursday.


According to my spreadsheet, there were 31 quests during the final 36 weeks of 2021. In other words, starting the week when devs purposely increased the rate of the quest. 31 quests over 36 weeks is equivalent to 45 quests on an annual basis.

I completely agree that the new policy is a set back.


Not on a war day please!


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How about we have more Omega quests instead of those extra rare quests?


I love how sg has turned this into a misdirection with, now chose a day. Who cares which day, seriously. The problem is why can’t there be weeks with both a rare quest and an omega quest? This week we had both, so 13 omega quests and 52 rare quests every year


I support this… but then we would be getting an extra 4 4* ascension mats for free… and how dare they give us something for free when they are more than willing and able to take 4 from us without SOME people realizing.


People complains for quests not allowed to appear when a Challenge Event is ongoing, because due to this restriction, many quests were skipped!
So… You are changing the scheduling, also adding 4 “manual quests”, for changing NOTHING!!!
This change is completely useless!!!
And by choosing a fixed day, you will make unhappy many players.

So please, don’t waste time for useless changes and work at QOL and at fixing the incredible amounts of serious bug we face every day!!!


Adding days of the week …

10/4 Tonic - Shrikewood → TUESDAY
10/11 Scope - Frostmarch → TUESDAY
10/18 Tome - Farholme → TUESDAY
10/25 Darts - Shiloh Desert → TUESDAY

11/1 Tabard - Morlovia Quest → TUESDAY
11/8 D Blade - Farholme Pass → TUESDAY
11/15 Rings - Mount Umber → TUESDAY
11/21 Tonic - Shrikewood → MONDAY
11/29 Scope - Frostmarch → TUESDAY

12/5 Tome - Farholme quest → MONDAY
12/12 Darts - Shiloh Desert → MONDAY
12/19 Tabard - Morlovia quest → MONDAY
12/26 D Blade - Farholme Pass → MONDAY

1/2 Rings - Mount Umber → MONDAY
1/9 Tonic - Shrikewood → MONDAY
1/18 Scope - Frostmarch → WEDNESDAY
1/30 Tome - Farholme → MONDAY

2/6 Darts - Shiloh Desert → MONDAY
2/13 Tabard - Morlovia → MONDAY
2/19 D Blade - Farholme Pass → SUNDAY
2/27 Rings - Umber quest → MONDAY

3/6 Tonic - Shrikewood → MONDAY
3/13 Scope - Frostmarch → MONDAY
3/20 Tome - Farholme → MONDAY
3/27 Darts - Shiloh desert → MONDAY

4/3 Tabard - Morlovia → MONDAY
4/10 D Blade - Farholme → MONDAY
4/17 Rings - Mount Umber → MONDAY
4/25 Rings - Mount Umber → TUESDAY

5/2 Tonic - Shrikewood → TUESDAY
5/9 Scope - Frostmarch → TUESDAY
5/16 Tome - Farholme Pass → TUESDAY
5/23 Darts - Shiloh Desert → TUESDAY
5/31 Tabard - Morlovia quest → WEDNESDAY

6/7 D Blade - Farholme → WEDNESDAY
6/19 Rings - Mount Umber → MONDAY

7/3 Scope - Frostmarch quest → MONDAY
7/9 Tome - Farholme quest → SUNDAY
7/18 Darts - Shiloh desert → TUESDAY
7/25 Tabard - Morlovia → TUESDAY

8/3 D Blade - Farholme pass → THURSDAY
8/14 Rings - Mount Umber → MONDAY
8/21 Tonic - Shrikewood Quest → MONDAY
8/27 Scope - Frostmarch → SUNDAY

9/11 Tome - Farholme Pass → MONDAY
9/19 Darts - Shiloh Desert → TUESDAY
9/25 Tabard - Morlovia → MONDAY

So, Monday has by far been the most common day at 24, followed by Tuesday at 14 (8 of the first 9 in this list). Wednesday and Sunday have 3 each, Thursday one, and Friday and Saturday none.

I think it’s safe to conclude SG prefer Monday.


I assure you I’m not missing any of them. I track every single 4* mat.

In either case, it’s not enough. People supported, rightfully so, a regularly scheduled weekly rate quest. We’re not getting that. We’re getting what they want us to have, which is bull :poop: .

To be honest, I expected something like this to happen right after the mats portal was announced.

Should have stopped calling for a “regularly scheduled” rare because a change they make will NEVER be for our benefit.

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@nevarmaor i should have mentioned that the dates are when I actually collected the mat. There were days where the quest spawned in the evening and I didn’t complete it until the next day. So the day of the quest I’d take with a grain of salt there.

  1. In the past - and still - I prefer the most common days we’ve already had (Sunday/Monday), but honestly, regularity seems better to me than not-regularity we’ve been having.

  2. Thanks to all who have offered congratulations, and my thanks to all those who have supported and helped to make a more regular day happen – BUT

Honestly? This “victory” tastes more than a little of ash to me, and I’m very sorry that my advocacy didn’t do an adequate job of making the case that even a slight increase in Rare ascension materials is something that I and many others really wanted to see.

I am sorry that I have failed you all.


I voted Saturday, Absolutely should be a Saturday!

Majority of people have more free time on the weekend and it’s a nice thing to do prior to Weekend War.

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So it’s Monday ±1.0 :rofl:

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I guess my focus on it mainly dropped because I had no world flasks left. Used them all up when finishing the quest log before Untold Tales showed up. They are back up to 89 flasks now though so guess I can farm a bit myself. But if using 20 flasks during AR, would it really matter if 1,5 flask had to be used for the quest?

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