Cast your vote for "Rare Quest Day" here!

Maybe for the angst caused by all this forum controversy?


Wont somebody think of the children?!

Wut now? Compensation por que?

The humanity !!! The horror !!!



Update: There seems to be a Rare Quest live at the moment. Well, guess what — an extra Rare Quest will be coming this Wednesday to kick off and celebrate the new schedule!

Best of luck in the battles!

the announcement of the change was made 9 days ago

Made me think of this

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So we have had this cadence for a few weeks… Maybe after a month we can revisit it? Do you think Wednesday as the right day after all… It would you change your decision now.

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I wanted Sunday personally. But it quickly became apparent that it was between Monday and Wednesday, and I didn’t want it during Atlantis, so I changed my vote to Wednesday.

Still feel the same. Prefer Sunday, but better Wednesday than Monday

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I’m still a Saturday guy… 36 world energy from the emblem mission makes the energy scarce… But I’m curious. People don’t like to admit if they are wrong… But i think it is a healthy trait.

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Glad they scheduled it. Whatever day is fine. Whenever might be better, but not my call.

I would not change my vote since I didn’t vote for Wednesday. Any day with alliance war is not good IMHO, but Saturday is less not good than Wednesday.

Firstly, this vote would certainly seem to have never primarily been about “SG listening to the players,” but about dividing a playerbase that had been pretty well unified (on wanting more and more regular Rare Quests) on a side issue (because player support for “which day?” was ALWAYS going to split seven ways)…


…distracting players from the greater issue that SG gave us a schedule that didn’t give us what we asked for overall, as “Rare Quest” Day actually overall decreases the number of Rare Quests and hardly makes them more regular (given the unscheduled floating Rares).


I’m not changing my vote as I supported and still support #MakeRareQuestDayAllWeek. Why fix “Rare Quest” Day on a single day of the week seemingly forever when we don’t know what or how the cadence of every other event in the game will be or how they will evolve?


There is no reason we can’t have an Omega and a Rare during the same week (we very recently already have, near the rollout of the very cadence we are discussing). It would even be very easy to simply not schedule them to overlap each other in the same week!

SG’s argument of “Challenges shouldn’t pre-empt Rares… sometimes, but Omegas should pre-empt Rares, regularly” is just recycling old “logic” to provide a veneer of justification of offering players less in response to us having the gall to ask for very slightly more.



If they can release multiple portals in the same day surely more than 1 rare quest in 1 week is possible !! Then again it doesn’t generate £ so it doesn’t even compute !!! Shud be more aether quests but they want to stunt heroes growth forcing you to summon for the recent heroes. Even tho the odds have gone ridiculously low. Insanely low in fact !!

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Im happy with it where it is, i just would like 52 a year. And Omega to be a seperate event.

When it comes to useful free stuff, I will make time/use flasks if necessary. Im not gonna argue with other players about timing. Just gimme the stuff.


I couldn’t have said it better myself

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Right? The worst is when arguing for something positive, but then throw in “but I want it at my convenience and don’t wanna do anything extra because.”


Would be nice if Zynga can extend Rare Quests to have a 2 day timer. Or even 2.5 days. Give players more capacity to plan WE usage without breaking flask. Think it’s 1.5 days currently.

What’s the timer for Mirage ? Is it 1.5 or 2 days ?

Every day is generally a busy day for WE these days. If it’s not Quests (Goblin, Covenant etc), it’s AR or Class or Challenge or AQ or something else.


I have issues… The week of Atlantis… I use all of my world energy on Atlantis… when it is over, i finish goblin event… And then finally the rare quest and dumb emblem quest. Honestly… It is the worst 3 days.

I know y’all didn’t know this would happen… But Wednesday, seriously? Add war on top of this as well.