Cashed in 100 Atlantis Tokens - No Hero Deluvered to Team Roster

After the uphill grind to accumulate 100 Atlantis tokens, the 4* hero that showed in the portal delivery did not deliver to my Hero roster. This happened about an hour prior to this post.
Can someone please review this issue??? Thanks.

You will have to open a ticket.
There is nobody on the forum that can help you with this…

Please see here if you do not know how

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You’re sure it’s not popping up anywhere else in your list?even if sorted by “Power”, heroes that are stronger than those can show up further down the list, etc.

You can also check the recent activity log to be sure you didnt feed the hero to another or that you actually got it.


you didnt think that the hero shown in the portal when you pressed the summon button would be the hero you’d get, did you?

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