Carver or Isshtak?

Can’t find this topic. I only saw that both are not on the list of useful 3* greens. So which one would you keep?

I see more carver in raid tournaments than I see Isshtak.
But to be very honest I didn’t keep either of them


Isshtak’s average speed and spread damage makes him less desirable than Hisan, Mnesseus or Berden. But he has his place for crowd control in Avalon Rare tier, particularly with emblems as he can help take out the early stage enemy waves with one use of his skill.

Carver is one of the worst 3*s in the game IMO, but what saves him from being total garbage is the fact that he’s a decent tank and flank for 3* raid tournaments. He’s basically a mini Li Xiu, which isn’t bad by any means when it comes to defense.

So in summary, go with Isshtak if you plan on running for high scores in Rare tier Avalon. Or go with Carver if you’d rather have another defensive option for raid tournaments.

EDIT – I kept 1 of each myself for whatever it’s worth. I’ve yet to max Carver. Isshtak I’m glad I maxed, as he comes with me for Avalon all the time (it’s once every 5 months… but still nice).


I’ll have to trust @DaveCozy’s assessment of Isshtak having value in the event. I don’t compete for high scores in those, so Isshtak to me is completely worthless. Carver, however, is not.

N.B. I have no emblems on him, nor any three star hero. I also lack Bauchan and Shrubbear.

I’m using Carver at tank in the current raid tournament (Bloody Battle, no Fire allowed). He pulled a B defense grade in Day 1 and I think that was a bit unlucky. Currently sitting on an A grade in Day 2.

A few weeks ago we had a Rush Attack 3 star tournament with no elemental restrictions. I can no longer remember if Carver was in my defense but I think he was. Anyway, I pulled an A grade every day in that one. He was also vital in many of my attacks.

For the sake of completeness I will say I don’t expect to use Carver in attack at all in the Bloody Battle, where I’ll prefer Hisan, Mnesseus, and Berden when I need greens.

I see no raid tournament setup where I field Isshtak in attack or defense.


In my opinion both are good. I have them maxed and use them both

Isshtak is indeed good for event green stack especially now following a Brienne costume defense down

Carver is a good tank and I personally find him useful on offense especially against high emblemed teams where I need to buy time for my tiles to show up and can’t really afford to take many hits from specials. And again here he has good synergy with costume Brienne, charging at the same time and ratcheting up the defense down on all targets while stealing mana so I can send more tiles up and live another turn

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