Carry over splash damage from hit 3 heroes

I haven’t thought out all of the mechanics and this idea may be flawed, but does anyone else wish the hit 3 heroes would get the damage that doesn’t hit anyone to splash over onto the enemies that do get hit?

I just maxed my costume Richard with the proper mana troop and have been so excited to use a beefed up, essentially fast, Richard. Though i find that by time I even use his ability, the tank is already dead and I never get the full effect of his special.

This goes for all hit 3 specials. Snipers will always be useful because they have high damage and will always hit the intended target. AoE hitters are always useful because they will hit all targets even if there are dead enemies inbetween them. Their trade off is that they have the weakest damage per hero. Now hit3 heroes are the balance between the two. Medium damage and medium number of enemies effected but it just stinks when you rarely get to use the full 3 target potential of their ability unlike other specials.

It would be nice if the damage that isn’t applied would be splashed on top of the enemies that did get hit, kind of like how Jabberwock doubles their power when they can’t hit two heroes anymore (but this obviously wouldn’t be as strong as Jab’s ability).

Another way I can think about this would be if there were tiers to hit 3 heroes to make them more useful. Let’s use Drake as an example:

  • hits 3 enemies for 270% damage
  • hits 2 enemies for 350% damage
  • hits 1 enemy for 420% damage

I don’t know if that’s the most balanced solution but I think an idea like that would be much more useful than all the wasted damage that hit 3 heroes give out.

What do y’all think?

Hm… :thinking:
Rather neutral overall; I don’t dislike it.

Might be better as a new special rather than changing the current characters with hit target and adjacent characters get splash damage, but that’s just me.


yeah i definitely like the idea for a new special, smaller aoe dmg or a possible (smaller) sniper dmg :smiley:

so if you’re facing gm and he hits 2 of your heroes, you would like him to do double damage to 1 of them?

and if you’re facing a hit 5 hero like say c kad or frigg and you have 3 heroes, they would do extra damage to 2 of those heroes?

am i readin this right?

not sure essentially making every AoE hero in the game a jabberwock is a good idea…

would defeat the purpose of even havin a jabber for 1. for 2 it would make every AoE hero bout the same or better as ninjas but on faster charges.

idk. seems bit game breaking to me.


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