Carpe Diem - seize the way to casual fun with Dead Titans Society

Dead Titans Society is rebuilding. We seek like-minded members that want to hit titans, participate in wars (or responsibly opt out when life happens), and enjoy a friendly, drama-free alliance.
Multiple spots open!
Come and check us out!

We’re here, and we’re seeking you. Check us out.

We want you for Dead Titans Society.

Want to join an alliance that doesn’t feel like a second job? Come and check us out. Dead Titans Society.

Rebuilding, but killing 8* titans with many open slots. Come join an alliance with casual, yet experienced players.

Hi Mykl

We are looking for a potential merger with an Active Alliance that has a close-knit group of 10-15 members like us (Truth & Courage) .

We are an active, easy-going bunch and we want an active bunch like us to join our Alliance and have fun owning Titans & Wars together.

We have 2 very simple & easy rules.

  1. Hit the Titan if you’re online
  2. If you Opt-in the War, make sure to use all your flags. If inactive for a while, no worries … you can opt-out and come back in once active again.

We don’t use Line, Whatsapp, etc. We communicate regularly in the Alliance chat and have fun! Looking forward to your reply.

Sounds like a strong possibility. We’re a bit more than half way through our war chest. I’ll talk to our members.

Great to hear Mykl, you & your team would be very welcome! I can completely understand about the war chest, no worries.

Will look forward to hear from you soon.

Hey Sniper,
Sorry, but the alliance voted to go a different route. I hope your family picks up those last spots.

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