Carol and Jack bypass taunt, intentional?

Someone in peer mentioned they had Carol bypass their Queen of Hearts in the event so I tested out my jack (similar idea) vs a BK tank to see how it was reacting… sure enough it does seem to bypass so I’m wondering if this is intentional? Thanks

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Looks like you can only target the taunted hero with the pumpkin bomb. The bomb going off isn’t a targeted skill, so it affects nearby heroes as per the description. Seems like it’s working as intended.


Are there any other damage dealing abilities that you’d consider non targetable? I’m not disagreeing, it does make sense, just thinking out loud and curious if they’ll put out a strong 5 that can do something like this vs taunt or if I’m missing skills that have this ability already (minions casters… baldur type damage?)… or is this new with jack and carol.

Jack and Carol are the first of these; even Jaberwocky gets affected by taunt. But I agree with @Ventress analysis above.

Taunt means, you cannot target other enemy than the one with it (or multiple Heroes with it).
It is the same with Carol and Jack, you can only target taunted Hero.
If the Special Skill of the Hero then hits target and nearby or all enemies, it has nothing to do with taunt.
Working as intended, no bug.

It is all about targeting and direct and indirect damage.

Direct damage goes to taunted Hero - Jabberwock case. Jabberowck can’t hit other enemies since those are invisible to him. Both his hits go to the taunted enemy.
Indirect damage is different, it happens after you targeted the enemy with taunt so the damage goes to the enemies in the Special Skill description.


Makes sense to me, now just curious what the 5* like this will eventually look like. Thanks

Mindless Attack also works like this. You can cast it on the taunt. That hero can then hit any of their own team.

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