🎅 Carol -- 4* Fire/ Red from Santa's Challenge (Winter) (NEW)

The issue is that she’s only really fast for her mana drain. The bombs being on a 3 turn delay means her damage is average at best (and worse if you’re not careful with placement).

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Maybe my eyes play a trick on me, but i today faced a fully maxed Carol in raid tournament and could swear that her bomb did more damage to the Center than nearby:


So no way i could retry to reconfirm if correct or not.

İ must say that her damage for a 4* is not that bad on defense.

She has quite some durability and that is before troops are applied.

İ am actually considering level her. Because sorcerer emblems i have alot and she seems decent in 4* star tournaments.

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She killed me in yesterdays tourney (well final blow at least).


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