Carmenta error?

Is it normal for Carmenta to spread attack buffs to nearby enemies?
It has not spread any ailment at any time in any test I have done, this one at level 3/70
And it has only spread attack power to nearby enemies.

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I believe it could be something as it’s written on the German card

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I am not seeing that any buff is copied to nearby enemies.

It’s not in this video, I have another one I’ll upload

I didn’t know that my word wasn’t enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in that video you can see how she lowers her defense and causes water damage and what you don’t see is that the damage then passes to Tetisheri.

The video

These attack buffs are from Phorcys family, as a result receiving damage from Carmenta’s Special Skill.


But I don’t hit Phorcys, I hit Erlang… also in no hero that I have hit have I managed to put any effect on the enemy and those nearby that is not a benefit.

Carmenta hits 3 (target and minor damage to nearby enemies), so she hit Phorcys.

Phorcys gives all allies attack up if he gets hit by a special. Nothing to do with carmenta

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Now, man, I know that, but it is not normal for a hero to distribute benefits to the enemies when he attacks, say this hero is absurd like that, since when you attack him you make the enemies strengthen themselves.
Maybe I misunderstood it in the letter and that is the true effect of Carmenta, if so I will feed Bane to Carmenta and this game.

So this is an phorcys’s family bonus issue now?

Based on these

Everything is working as expeted.

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Ok, you’re right, thank you…so what is Carmenta’s special ability? Can you tell me a hero that hits and distributes damage to nearby enemies?
I don’t understand Carmenta.

This is what enemy hero is effective in ?

Carmenta just spreads ailments of the target to nearby enemies. Like if you have tetisheri, carmenta can spread tetisheri’s defence down and the mana ailment to nearby enemies


Thank you very much, you got it right, Carmenta, her special is only effective if you launch her special after another ally has launched a special with ailments :clap::clap::clap::clap:.
In that case Tetisheri lowers enemy defense and reduces mana to 1 hero, and then Carmenta, in addition to part of the damage, distributes Tetisheri’s ailments to the enemy and nearby enemies.
In short, Carmenta’s special needs to attack second for his special to be effective, thus making Carmenta a typecast hero in my opinion.

Thank you all for your time and dedication

The Proof

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