Cards stacked in your favor or against you

Been thinking kinda curious, in chat I see people talking about how this card is better than that one etc… However in game iv noticed all 4/70 teams are all in same trophy range of 2k-2300 platinum level and all 4/80 teams are all in the same range of 2400-2800 diamond cups regardless of which cards and everyday they jump back and fourth within that range, So my question is how is any 4* or 5* truly better than another? There don’t seem to be any real advantage to spending money to attain the " best" cards.

I think that if you do some in-depth analyses, you’ll find that not all the 4* are presented in the Platinum league teams. It’s a kind of selection that less efficient heroes are just not presented in successful defense teams.

Also the top of the leaderboard features more and more frequently some heroes rather than some other heroes.
Also when people talk about good cards it’s not only about raids. There’s also titans (I think that might be where the biggest difference is betweem good and less good heroes), wars, and events.

In the raids it does not matter that much because attackets advantage is big enough to compensate.


Will agree certain hero’s, get higher scores on titans however the percentage of loot gained remains the same so again no advantage to having better scores except bragging rights on score, @ kuuri I have done analysis, in theory yes certain hero’s shouldn’t be there in 2k range however if you go scroll through rerolls you will see it plain as day if stacked right even worst hero’s can be just as effective if not more so then best.

Yeah well it is everythin about bragging rights. It’s true that you can get to diamond with lower grade heroes, but getting/staying in the leaderboard is easier with better heroes. So bragging rights. Same with titans, its easier to do more dmg, and it can actually affect loot to some amount (b-grade vs A-grade), but mainly yes, bragging rights. If braggin rights does not warm your heart, then no, there isn’t that much advantage to better heroes. Except things are a little bit easier.
I think it’s a good thing that you can achieve pretty much everything with less than optimal heroes, otherwise this would be P2W


I’m think after spending my share I’m just starting to find it funny those bragging are bragging they had most money to spend and those not are the ones doing almost the exact same accomplishments and rewards are the ones that should be bragging because they did just as well with less. Just wish I had realized it sooner. Lol

I don’t disagree with you. But I still thrive for those better heroes (not with money tho), as the bragging rights do warm my heart :smiley:
But with titans I really think you need better heroes. Might be pretty hard to take down 10* with alliance full of thornes, guardian kongs, and the like.

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You could also look at it this way.

More and better heros --> You’ll do more damage to titans --> You help your alliance and pull your weight.

More and better heros --> You’ll get more and loose less points in AW --> You help your alliance and pull your weight.

More and better heros --> Raiding, eventing and even farming will be more fun since you have a greater variety to choose from.

My observation is that successful defence teams, that you can see in the platinum league, mostly consist of the same 4* heroes in various combinations. For me it means that less effective heroes were replaced or those teams were pushed from the league into a lower one and are not visible during rolls.

Good question.

I agree, with a good (meaning decent combo of specials overall) 4/70 team there is a glass ceiling at 2.300. The big reason isn’t the specials, it’s the HP + DEF and the DAM of your cards. They are all balanced at a certain level and, when considering all three, these cards are indeed all the same.

So yeah, because all 4/70 card have a balanced total HP + DEF + DAM, there is indeed noticeable bracketing going on. Because HP + DEF + DAM ultimately decides the actual strength of your team in raids. It’s your capacity to soak up damage and deal damage.

Team composition help you to get a better “bottom fluctuation” of your trophy range. The point where you reach less cups.

Most of the time people with worst teams has more cups because they had a better bench, are better at raiding and (most of all) log in frequently.